Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back in Grenada!

Downtown St. Georges from Fort St. George
After a fantastic whirlwind trip up to Carriacou and Union Island with our guests, we are back in our adoptive home of Grenada! 

Despite a pretty ugly forecast by Chris Parker on the outset of our trip, the weather ended up settling and cooperating so we could enjoy some fantastic sailing and fun in the sun with our new friends.  Check our SPOT track to see exactly where we went, but suffice it to say I think our visitors will be looking for a cruising boat with more urgency in the near future.  They were excellent guests; accommodating, understanding, very helpful and laid back - and we enjoyed every minute of our first "charter".  The best part?  They started out as guests and are leaving as friends.  That is pretty cool.

Today, they are getting the official "Brittany Tour" of downtown St. Georges and, being that they are both excellent cooks, we're going to hit up the spice market so they can go home with some goodies to try out in their kitchen.

Brittany & Scott

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