Friday, November 25, 2011

The Boat Yard

I love boat yards...

They're just so...neat.  So many beautiful boats with a thousand different stories in all sorts of conditions.  For some, the smell of fresh baked cookies or home-made muffins conjures up childhood memories, but for me it's the smells of epoxy and fresh varnish, bottom paint and acetone that bring me back...My dad used to take us to the boat yard when we were younger and my brother, sister and I would explore for hours on end while he tinkered away at boat projects.  We'd find all sorts of treasures; old boat parts, giant blocks of wood, old hoses and halyards, broken blocks and small rusty tools, empty paint cans and more.  While this might not seem like good fodder for children's toys, we were in our own little imaginative world and reveled in finding these treasures.  The boats towered over us on their jack-stands, packed in like sardines, creating a maze for us to run around in.  We loved it.

We're exploring boat yards at the moment.  Debating whether or not to haul out here in Grenada or over in Trinidad when we head home in February to have the baby.  There are plusses and minuses to both but so far, Grenada is the top contender.  We'll let you know what we decide and why when we do.  We've got some time.

Brittany & Scott

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