Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Fighting Fire

Scott being backed up by our friend Mike.  Thanks Mike for the great pics!
It is well known in the seafaring community that a fire on a boat is just about the worst thing that can happen when out at sea...  On land, when a fire erupts people can safely evacuate - but on a boat at sea things work a little differently.  Evacuating is not really an option and there is no fire department or 911 to come to the rescue.  If a fire gets out of control it can lead to a pretty bleak situation for those on board, which is why fire safety is something that should be taken very seriously, especially on a boat.

Good thing Scott is now equipped with some basic fire-fighting know-how.  This component is a large part of his STCW course and he and our friend Mike worked up quite a sweat yesterday.  If you want to know more about what they did and learned, check out the post Mike wrote about it.

You must admit, they look pretty good in uniform, don't they?

Brittany & Scott

PS.  I have and will continue to be uploading more pics to our Facebook Page.  Lots of good stuff over there!

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Tytti said...

They look hot ;).

This is Fire on
Yachting Monthly Crash Test Boat

My lessons learned: if You use marinol for heating in your galley and the marinol runs out: let your cooking cool down.
I did refill and lit it up again and got flames (some girl scout...). Also filling the container was trickier than I thought: got spills.
It was an old set with two cooking fires, which we soon dumped and bought a new one, which seems more reliable.

It was good that we had a fire blanket nearby, which helped quickly. After the fire I also removed kitchen towels elsewhere, curtains we don't have. I have heard a boat burns quickly to waterline in a bad case.

We have also put fire and monoxide indicators in the boat.

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