Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Rasmus Guest Experiment

Today, two guests are arriving on Rasmus who we have never met before...

A long time back, we got an email with an offer we couldn't refuse.  It was a win/win situation.  This particular couple had been dreaming about live-aboard cruising and wanted to test the waters in a real-life situation.  Scott and I had the boat and could provide that real-life situation.  So they wrote, telling us about themselves and their proposal.  Their idea was this:  they would join us for a "live-aboard" cruising experience.  Not a fancy charter, not a pampered cruise, but a hands-on experience that would allow them a little taste of the life they so badly want to lead.  In return, they would make a "donation" to our cruising kitty.  Sounded like a plan to us!  After they said "No problem!" when we asked if they minded grilled cheese as a main entre for dinner or sleeping in a cramped aft cabin we wrote back and said, "Why the hell not?".  It doesn't hurt that they're young, seem super cool, have fantastic attitudes (with significant sailing experience) and basically sound like people we'd be friends with anyway.  We know we'll dig 'em.  I have very good instincts about stuff like this.

Anne and Justin arrive tonight and after months and months of emails, we are so excited to meet them and give them a taste of the life that, at the moment, is just a tiny bit out of their reach.

We're going to cruise up to the Grenadines with them and have some fun in the sun.  Keep abreast of our activities real time by visiting our Facebook page!

Brittany & Scott

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Mid-Life Cruising! said...

How cool! It does sound like a win-win situation. We look forward to hearing their thoughts since we've yet to make the dream a reality too! I'm sure it will be a blast for them, and ya'll too!

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