Thursday, December 22, 2011

Getting Press!

Cruising World has been in our home as long as I can remember...  

It is, in my opinion, the best magazine out there when it comes to all things "cruising" and offers great articles on everything from where to cruise, reviews on boats and products, DIY tips and tricks and great articles that offer insight into the "lifestyle".  From Jimmy Cornell to the Pardey's to Hal Roth, all the "big shots" have graced their pages. We love it.

So... you can imagine our excitement upon hearing we got a little love in their most recent issue (incidentally, they featured us in their "editor's notes" a couple months back as well)!  It is truly an honor and we're grateful for this fantastic partnership with the premier cruising magazine out there.

Whether you are a weekend warrior, a day sailor or a wannabe cruiser - you should be reading this magazine!  If paper subscriptions aren't your thing - you can download a subscription for your iPad, or check them out online (where you will regularly see us featured in the "blogs" section!).

Not the best picture of Scott, but it fit the article.
Brittany & Scott

*I was not compensated in any way to promote Cruising World.  I just genuinely like the magazine.


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

What an honor! Congratulations and have a great time back in the states ... Merry Christmas!

BentSailor said...

Yeah, I recognised that little picture and read their little blurb on you guys. Congratulations on the recognition - your blog certainly is one of my regular reads :)

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