Saturday, December 17, 2011


This here is the luxury motor yacht Fortunato
Luxury yachts remind me a little of the famous margaritas served at Ceasar's in Chicago in that they come in various degrees of "large" (without the hangover, of course).  Mega, super and giga - to be exact. These magnificently oppulent yachts are cruising the world's oceans en masse and they are a site to behold! They might all be different, but they all have one goal: Luxury, baby.  Champagne pouring, caviar munching, diamond-dripping luxury...

Typically ranging from 80 to 300 feet in size these boats are impressive in their grandeur.  They employ good-looking and articulate professional full-time crews, have gourmet chefs cooking haute cuisine over marble countertops in the galley and other fun things like infinity pools, fully-equipped gyms, and helicopter landing pads on them.  I remember one mega yacht I saw in Ibiza, Spain that actually had a seventy-foot sailboat ready to launch from the deck aboard.  A seventy-foot sailboat!!! Just secured there on deck like a dinghy.  Insane.  Don't worry though!  Many of these yachts are available for charter, and from anywhere between $50-$100,000K (yes, I mean a million), you too can rent one of these babies for a week!  If you wanted to own one expect to pay in the millions to purchase, and expect another million or so in yearly operating costs.  Not a cheap toy.

Most of these boats have cruised over here from the "Med" (yachtie speak for "Mediterranean") for the Antiqua Charter Yacht Show.  Now that that is over, these beautiful beasts have been let loose to play in the Caribbean for a season before heading back to the Med in six months or so.  Needless to say, we have some very shiny, pretty neighbors these days...
The luxury sailing vessel Tristan measures 110 feet on deck 
Pretty sleek.

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Peter @ said...

People always talk about how boats are a total wallet drainer because you have to spend so much maintaining them; I can't even imagine how much work and money it takes to maintain a yacht! I'm pretty sure even if I were really rich I'd rather just rent a yacht when I wanted one instead of owning one outright, but that's just me.

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