Friday, January 20, 2012

Island Jewelery

I've never been a big "jewelry" person...If it can't weather the storm of an every day active lifestyle, it's probably not for me.  I wear my super simple wedding band and a couple of necklaces by Bronwen* that I love (the short ones pictured above) and that's about it.  Keep in mind, anything with a silver chain (if not worn every day) will eventually rust.  I learned this the hard way...

To be completely honest with you - I am actually not a big fan of a lot of the island jewelry that we see down here but every now and then I see something truly unique and beautiful.  The above layered necklace is one such piece.

It's the only one I have ever seen of it's kind and it is simple and lovely.  Created in Bequia by a beautiful local gal named Molissa, it's called a "fisherman's" necklace (because it is made of fishing line strung with tiny shells and beads) and can be worn SO many ways.  Long, short, layered, as a's versatile, light and comfortable.  It looks delicate but is sturdy and goes with just about anything.  I only bought one, but kind of wish I bought a few more because they look so nice layered together.

Luckily we'll be back there before too long!

Brittany & Scott

* This is not a sponsor or anything, just a brand I love.  Focused on beautiful jewelry for the active traveler, her pieces are great for land and sea.  Gorgeous.


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Beautiful necklace! I don't wear a lot of jewelry, and just figured a few silver pieces would be good on the boat. However, you're saying that they'll rust? Had no idea!

Lisa Hanneman said...

That necklace is really pretty, but ummmm... Can we talk about the photo? Did you take that? It is AWESOME! Seriously.


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