Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's D-Day

Belly love at 39 weeks!
Well, today is our "official" due date....however we are well aware that babies come on their own sweet time.  She might still be 10 days away for all we know!  The fact that this lil' sea monkey spent just about her entire life in utero in the Caribbean might just mean she is on "island time".  We're okay with that.  I've got plenty of things to keep me busy and while I stopped jogging last week, I've taking up walking 5 1/2 miles a day to keep fit and help gravity do it's thing.  We shall see!

A gift for our baby from some very dear friends!
Brittany & Scott


s/v Windward said...

Island time indeed! Hope she launches soon. Peace!

Anonymous said...

no updates, I'm thinking baby time.

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