Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to Brittany!!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife!!

I know all of you have been patiently waiting for Brittany's blog posts as she's been a busy mother so I thought I'd chime in to wish the love of my life a very Happy Birthday.  Many of you write to us and tell Brittany how you feel like she's a friend of yours even though you've never met her and and tell her what a wonderful person she is so you can imagine how lucky I feel to be the one that gets to live with that amazing person every day.

Brittany, I didn't think you could make me any happier and then you brought Isla into the world and now I'm just so excited to be starting our little family.  I am a lucky man.

Happy Birthday sweet angel! I love you!




laura said...

Such a nice post! And happy birthday Brittany, I'm sure it's your best one ever.

Carolyn schweitzer said...

Wow, you both seem very lucky to me. All the best for many happy years ahead.xx.

Mike said...

Very nice, Scott. :)

Happy belated Birthday, Brittany!


NatGeoWannaBe said...

Well said! Happy Birthday!

Albert @ said...

Aaawwww so sweet. Belated Happy Birthday!

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