Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top 10 Tuesdays: 10 Father's Day Gifts for the Sailor Dad

It's *someone's* first Father's Day!
It's that time of week again...but this week is special, and because Father's Day is coming up this Sunday I thought I would make a Top 10 List* for those of you who are looking to get something special for that special (sailor) someone.  Scott has been given strict instructions NOT to read this post, because two of the items I have gotten him are on this list - and another item on this list is something I am getting him for his upcoming birthday so hopefully you all can keep a secret!

For those of you who are still looking for that perfect gift - here are:

10 Great Father's Day Gifts for the Sailor Dad
  1. DaKine No Zone Surf Hat - Scott has been looking for a sailing hat for a long time and he just bought this one for himself and LOVES it.  In fact, when he put it on yesterday he said, "I think I am going to wear this to work tomorrow".  Obviously he is joking, but all kidding aside - this is a great hat.  It looks good, fits well (yes - even on my hubby's super large head!), will block the sun and even comes with a removable chin strap (bonus!) and an adjustment strap to make the hat more fitted.  The charcoal color is really nice as well.  
  2. Nigel Calder's Mechanical and Electrical Manual - we have owned this book since day one and cannot sing it enough praise.  Nigel Calder covers everything from installing electronics to maintaining your diesel engine to designing a 12v system.   If you own a boat, you should have this book on board.  Period.
  3. Oakley Mens Bottle Rocket Glasses - shhh! I got these glasses for Scott for Father's Day.  He's wanted a nice pair of sunglasses for a while and he tried on a few pair in the Savannah airport a couple of weeks ago.  I chose these because of the fact that they are polarized (don't bother buying sunglasses that aren't if you plan to sail in the tropics!) and they have rubberized ear pieces so they won't slide off his head.
  4. Havaianas Men's Brazil Flip Flop - I also got Scott another pair of these for Father's day since he has practically worn through his latest pair.  These flip flops are the best.  They do not absorb water like Reefs (which not only make your feet slip around in them but make them SUPER stinky after a while) and at about $18 a pop are cheap enough to replace when they blow out.  Scott originally refused to wear these, but when we thought we had a dead mouse on board and traced the foul odor back to Scott's old Reefs he agreed to try them out and has never gone back.  Thank goodness!
  5. Fein MultiMaster Oscillating Tool and Sander - Scott has been wanting this tool for the boat for a while (after using my dad's on numerous occasions) and I plan to get it for him for his birthday.  These little tools are super useful on a boat, from grinding to sanding they certainly have their place in the sailor's toolbox!
  6. Patagonia Men's Save The Waves Tee - I got Scott one of these a long time ago and he wears it at least once a week so I thought I'd include it as a fun little extra.  I love Patagonia as a company and happen to love their tee shirts as well.  Scott has a decent collection of their shirts as he usually gets at least one or two of these a year from me.  The "Save the Waves" tee is especially cool because a portion of the proceeds goes to the Save The Waves Coalition.
  7. Garmin Worldwide Handheld GPS - no matter what type of instrumentation (or lack thereof) you have on your boat, a handheld GPS can come in handy!  We actually have two back ups on our boat and keep one in our ditch bag as well.  These are great for everything from navigation to making sure you're not dragging at anchor or remembering a great hike on land!
  8. The Morrow Guide to Knots - we have this book aboard Rasmus and have used it on more than one occasion!  It is very easy to follow and the step by step diagrams are a piece of cake to mimic.  Do you know how to tie two different sizes of line together?  How about how to secure your boat to a piling? Whatever knot predicament you come into - you can be sure the answer is in this book!
  9. Deluxe Rigging Knife - Every sailor should have a good knife.  We have two of these aboard Rasmus, one for each of us.  Many sailors sail with one of these attached to their person at all times because they are so useful.  A rigging knife is designed to work with lines and shackles and is considered essential to the sport of sailing by many sailors.  If you are not familiar with this tool and curious as to what they can be used for, I found this PDF to be much more articulate than I'd ever be!
  10. Sea Eagle Fast Track Inflatable Kayak - is it any wonder that Father's day is right around the beginning of summertime?  While this is by far the most expensive gift on our list - if you are looking for a great inflatable kayak to paddle around with your hubby or family - this is the one to get!  We own it ourselves and LOVE it.  It is super durable, incredibly sturdy (Scott used it to stand-up paddle board!) and easy to store.  Fun for the whole family!
Hope this helps you find your special sailor daddy something special!

Brittany, Scott & Isla

* We have recently become Amazon Affiliates.  I know, I know...many of you told me to do this a LONG time ago so here we are.  Basically, if you choose to buy any of the products I have linked to above - we will get a small cut.  I hope you know by now that I would not recommend anything frivolously or without a genuine intention so please, please do not think that my "Amazon Associate" status will change the way I suggest anything to you.


Tillerman said...

I think the perfect gift for any father is in the photo at the top of your post.

Lisa Patterson said...

I think I remember Scott wearing the Save The Waves Shirt when Isla was born. Speaking of Isla...she is A.DOR.A.BLE. <3!!!

Anonymous said...

Why didn't he like the Havaianas in the first place? Just curious.. :)

Windtraveler said...

@Tillerman - True that!!!
@Lisa - LOVE YOU! Yes, you are right - I think he was wearing it when she was born!! xox
@Anonymous - he thought they were too thin, and he didn't like the rubber thong part - thought they would be uncomfortable.

Ocean of Dreams said...

Viva Havaianas. Very funny item 4. :o) Great ideas for my sailor boyfriend's bday... Hugs from brazil. Cristina.

Unknown said...

Hope you read this, ( about a year late, but better late than never ) Have a look at " Tilly Hat's " I just love those

Donna said...

Ahoy, sailor dads! Set sail on a voyage of gift-giving with our Top 10 Tuesdays: 10 Father's Day Gifts for the Sailor Dad. From sleek nautical watches to personalized ship models, we've curated a collection to delight every seafaring father. And for those who prefer the oven to the open sea, stay tuned for our upcoming feature on gifts for bakers. Fair winds and happy gifting.

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