Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Boat Buying is Exhausting...

Phew.  I forgot how involved buying a boat is.  Turns out it's not as easy as handing over some cash and in return getting keys.  I literally ran my printer out of ink today because of all the forms I have had to print off and fill out;  addendums, buyer agreements, non-resident tax exemption forms, title changes and more.  I'm a bonafide one-woman call center getting quotes on insurance policies, sending information for US Coast Guard documentation, pricing out boat yards and calling on boat contractors.  Home phones are ringing, cell phones are ringing and emails are coming in left and right.  Not to mention I have a super cute four month old at home who gets lots of love, cuddles and attention to in between her naptimes throughout the day.

Oh yeah, and I'm doing this on my own because Scott is in the Grenadines bringing home the bacon.

Not that I'm complaining, because it's not bad... I mean, we bought a boat - life is pretty good if you can buy a boat...it's just a lot.  We've got plenty to do with this new boat (insuring her, getting her documented, getting her to a yard where she can dry out and where we can begin installations/repairs) and we want to keep the ball rolling at a good clip because the sooner we get all this started, the sooner we can shove off again.  You get me?  And here's the thing: while I am a natural leader, I am what I like to call a "passive leader" - meaning one who is just as comfortable leading as I am to say, sitting back and letting someone else (i.e. Scott) take the reigns and do all the phone calling, quote getting and form filling.  Working like a madwoman from my makeshift desk that is covered in scraps of paper with barely-legible notes, water bottles and mini York peppermint patty wrappers is taking it's toll.  I forgot to eat lunch the other day and didn't brush my teeth yesterday until 2pm.  Yep.  I'll admit it.  I'm working at a frenetic pace over here and it is taking a toll on my hygiene!

Hopefully by the end of the week or soon thereafter, we can have the boat hauled out, in a decent yard and have our guy Juan start working on the deck.  That's the goal at least, and how do you know what you're working towards if you've got no goal?


Captain Rizzo said...

Exhausting...but oh so worth it! These days will fade into distant memory once you shove off! I mean, how many times did you think about sanding Rasmus' bottom after you started your adventure? No worries Brittany...this too will pass!

Curtis said...

Excellent blog.it is so amazing to see two people out there living your dream and introducing your child to what matters in life. Very Very special blog. Thanks for sharing.

Captain Curt

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