Monday, July 30, 2012

Nice Weekend Sail

It has been a great summer for sailing in Chicago.  Beautiful weather and favorable conditions have been the norm rather than the exception.  While we're on this mini-hiatus from full-time cruising, it sure is nice to be able to go sailing on my dad's beautiful boat whenever we'd like.  We've been getting our 'fix' weekly and Isla is a regular ole sea salt by now.  She loves the feeling of wind in her hair and watching the water from the rail.

Meanwhile, Scott is enjoying his current rotation (week two of four) as Captain aboard s/v Diamant.  He's posting pics of him and all our cruising friends that are in Grenada for hurricane season, as well as sending me images of the beautiful Grenadines while underway, keeping me thouroughly jealous.  He's loving it - and while we miss him here, it's great to know he's happy!

Lots of good stuff going on with the new boat.  I've got her on the hard in a yard, her deck work begins today, and the bottom work will begin this week.  We have begun the process of re-naming her (more on this later!), she will be USCG Documented shortly and insurance has been purchased.  All of this requires a ton of organization and paperwork, but it's worth it!  Hoping to get down to Lauderdale and check out our new 'baby' in the next week or so.   Speaking of babies, Isla is now a rolling, laughing, cooing and smiling machine.  It is so awesome being her momma.

We'll keep you posted!  Lots of exciting stuff happening!

Brittany, Scott & Isla


Anonymous said...

Sounds like ALL is going well !!!! Share some pics of Capt Scott on the Diamant!!! Bet he and passengers are having such a great time.

I can only imagine how sweet Isla is, fun when they start doing so many things new, something every day it would seem.

:) have a great week

Anonymous said...

New boat name Sawubona or Sanibonani, by chance?

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

That's great to hear that all is well! :)

Lisa Patterson said...

Sounds like you all are doing GREAT and I am so happy for you!!! Isla is a natural-born sailor for sure! Can't wait to hear of your new boat's name!

Hawkeye said...

Ok, if we are recommending new boat names, I suggest Naphtali. It means 'doe set free'. How appropriate for a boat with not one, not two, but three little doe's set free.

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