Sunday, September 30, 2012

In Limbo

We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale earlier this afternoon.  It's weird, but on our last stretch of highway as Scott and I sat in silence while Isla napped and the miles passed beneath us I said, "You know...For some reason, I'm not excited".  Totally unfazed by my confession, he simply replied, "Yeah, I kinda know what you mean".

The truth is Scott and I are in a sort of limbo at the moment.  Sure, we might have arrived at our end destination for this particular road trip, but we are in no way "home".  I am typing this entry from the soft, lumpy bed of a cheap motel where we are staying for an undetermined length of time and our boat and new "home" - one that we are only vaguely familiar with having been on it only twice - is not ready for us.  The sense of "homecoming" is lost and everything feels a bit anti-climactic.  We've got an SUV full of stuff that we can't unpack, our baby is sleeping on the floor of the motel closet, our new boat is a construction zone and we're eating take out (again) while CNN drones on quietly in the background.  Glamourous this is not.

I'm not writing to complain, but rather as a reminder that when you choose to live like we do there will be moments where things feel plain weird.  That old yin/yang thing again.  Sure, we get to travel to beautiful islands and see amazing things, but we also get to sleep in semi-questionable efficiency motels with the "fringe of society" folk.  We knew this would happen.  It was inevitable that there would be an adjustment period to get back into the swing of things.  So much has changed.   In a way, we're back at square one.  Like the new kid on the first day of school, we need to get the lay of the land and ease ourselves into our new life.  It'll happen, it's just going to take a little time.

In the meantime, it's really good to know that a) we have a baby who will sleep anywhere (point for the sleep schedule!), b) Mexican fast food (i.e. not Taco Bell) is plentiful, cheap and really good down here and c) as far as I can tell, this motel - while it might have an undistinguishable odor - does not have bed bugs.


nomad artist said...

My boat a mess too, my efficiency motel has a pool and a kitchen and also no bugs - come and visit! Experienced 'grandma' services on offer too. Sue

Anonymous said...

It's funny and kind of ironic that this post felt sort of uncomfortable to read... Which I guess is because you are such a great writer. You're feelings come through so clearly that I take them on as if I'm in the hotel feeling "homeless" and out of sorts even when I'm reading this from the comfort of my own home in my all too familiar bed.

Tytti said...

I would be very tired after all that driving. I wish You both a good sleep.
Babies are content where ever their parents are.
Maybe if You ask other motels a good price for an extended stay, you get a place with a nicer smell?

Terje Moglestue said...

I know the feeling. You are able to express it better than I could.

Get a practise rope. Make a few bowlines and a couple of other sailing knots. It will make you feel good.

Windtraveler said...

@Sue - we might just do that! Hope to meet up in the near future!
@Anonymous - thanks for the compliment! Sorry to make you feel would have been REALLY impressive if you woke up with bed bug bites (wink)
@Tytti - we are tired, but it's all good...we've moved now and will get a good nights sleep in a nicer, cleaner and less sketchy hotel! ;)
@Terje - haha! Good one...we went to the boat today and that was a great spirit lifter!

Lisa Patterson said...

Way to play the "Glad Game!" I am super happy there is no bed bugs either - those little suckers freak me out! Anywho, knowing you guys, you will find some adventures during the limbo season. lotsa love!

Jill, Tim and Toby Dog said...

This post was so bittersweet, I could totally feel how you're feeling. Been there, done that, including the continuous string of takeout food. The best thing we've done in our nomadic days is ensure no matter what that we have what we need to start our days right. For me it's going out to the market and buying good, dark roast coffee and light cream and if need be a french press. If I have a good cuppa in the AM I am a lot better at handling the day no matter how overwhelming (and depressing) it seems. So maybe that might help - get your favorite tea or coffee, a nice Ft. Lauderdale mug - preferably with a cheesy air brushed design on it - and get you a good cuppa for the morning :)

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