Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Water Baby

While Scott and Walt work on the boat like dogs from dawn till dusk (and beyond), Isla and I have fallen into a nice little routine. We begin our day around 7am, have breakfast with the boys (we're on mushy "solids" now), play a bit and then Isla goes down for her first nap at 9am.  By 11am she's up an at 'em again and (weather permitting) we take a nice long walk down Las Olas Boulevard or to the beach.  We come back, have lunch, play some more and then, around 1pm Isla goes down for nap numero dos.  She wakes from that nap around 2:30, we visit daddy on the boat and then it's pool time.  We looooove our pool time.  Then we take a bath, play some more with our blocks and toys ("toys" being a loose term because some do not consider an empty bag of chips a toy, but Isla does), and between 6 and 7pm it's lights out and mama gets herself a beer.

Yeah.  It's a rough life, I know.  I realize that those of you who hated me before probably hate me more now.  Sorry.

Back to the pool time though.  I'm doing serious work there!  I'm trying to get Isla comfortable in the water so that learning to swim is easier.  Did some 'net surfing and found out about one program that actually teaches babies to swim, er...float, rather.  It's called ISR or Infant Swim Resource.  As in all things "child rearing" it wouldn't be legit if there wasn't a little controversy around it (i.e. it's cruel, creates anxiety, counter-productive..etc) but this video (albeit kind of creepy in a "that baby is floating" kind of way) is pretty convincing.  Thoughts?  Experience?


Unknown said...

Hey there Brittany--funny you should mention this...I love a good controversial baby topic! Giles and I started swim lessons a few weeks ago and the night after our first lesson I was at a party and this topic Came up. I found out that one of my friends sisters teaches this in Salt Lake City. A number of the families at the party had taught their children to swim via this method and swear by it! They couldn't watch the lesson or the testing process for fear of getting sick to their stomachs, however, their babies passed with flying colors (apparently natural instinct) and are little fish now...LOVE the water. That is my only experience with it but am considering it myself! (Maybe....) I would love to see more on this topic as well! XO

Katie said...

Hey Brittany!

We put our son in very similar classes when he was around 9 months old, and we couldn't be happier with the results!

He was wanting to be more independent in the water, and this gave him the confidence and ability to swim on his own.

At his swimming lessons they taught the "swim float swim" technique which is different than the video that you linked to only because they are taught to flip on their backs to breathe and rest, but they also flip back over and swim to the steps, or another object, where they can rest and/or get out of the pool. They filp to breathe and rest as many times as necessary until they get where they are headed.

I have a few videos up on my blog from when he was learning the first time.


There's no doubt that Isla will love the water just from the exposure that you give her, but the peace of mind that you will receive from Isla having the skills that these lessons teach is totally priceless!

Good luck with your little sea monkey! She is absolutely adorable! :)

Windtraveler said...

@Trisha!! Thank you SO MUCH for your thoughts...happy to hear that you spoke with parents that swear by it and (most important) who's kids LOVE the water still...my only fear is to traumatize her to the point she doesn't like the water, that would be HORRIBLE!! Hopefully some other followers have comments and/or experience with this because I'd love to hear it! xo

Windtraveler said...

@Katie - thank you for sharing your experience - amazing videos - what a little cutie Daniel is - and he looks like a natural! Thanks for sharing this and the vote of confidence... Oh - and the nice comments about our little Isla, we think she's pretty adorable too ;)

Windtraveler said...
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April said...

I have never used ISR with my children (almost 2 and 4) but have many friends that have. I've seen it either be incredibly successful with the kiddos swimming like fish encreadibly early, or be a huge disadvantage.

One friends son (I think he was 8 months when they started) hated it, and never had that moment of acceptance. They kept trying, hoping for it to click for him, but it never worked. Now 2, he is REALLY afraid of the swimming pool! I think it was all of the early trauma associated with the water.

I personally have taken my kids to fun classes, focused on learning safety (if you fall into a pool turn around and grab the wall/if you fall off a boat, roll over and float) and lots of games. My 4 year old is now swimming on her own, and my almost 2 year old is floating unassisted mostly.

I can see where it would be very appealing for you guys though, living on a boat! Good luck with your choice.

Windtraveler said...

Thanks April - yeah, it's those "trauma stories" that have me a little concerned...so far though, she loves the water. Doesn't even make a peep when we go in and I have even dunked her under a few times just to get her used to it, and that was with minimal tears. But yeah, it is appealing because our home is SURROUNDED by the water. Thanks again.

Stephen said...

We did the ISR classes with my daughter when she was a couple of months old because we had a pool at our house. It terrified her and she screamed the entire time, but it didn't take long and she was able to roll over on her back and float. She still loved being in the water with us in our pool, but hated the classes(which were in an indoor pool, so she knew what was coming). We were afraid it would make her afraid of the water for life, but never did. She's 7 now and swimming laps and has always loved being in and around the water. It will give you a little peace to know that if you happen to look away and she topples in, she'll be able to turn over and float.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brittany,

I live in Las Vegas, pools everywhere. I felt that teaching my babies to swim was a need. Not a want. While I was researching I discovered the roll on your back and rest then turn and swim. I really wanted that but could not find anywhere that taught that method. We did regular swim lessons that always taught 'swim to the wall'. My baby learned that and how to swim before she could walk. I still would have done the back float way if I had found a way to teach/learn it. Living on a boat, I think it would be crucial to learn back float rest/swim. There are no square walls to swim to if you fell off the side of a boat. You'll make an informed choice. Good Luck. Kristi in LV

Windtraveler said...

@Stephen - thank you! Great to know!! That is my fear - having her be terrified of water- but happy to hear it worked out well for your daughter!
@Kristi - thanks, I agree - her learning to float would be HUGE for us. I think we're going for it!

Unknown said...

I think the it's normal for kids to be terrified of the water at first. Believe me, I tried almost everything to get my little girl from the pool covers. Right now, I'm happy that she has grown a liking for it. Patience can really help anyone under these situations.

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