Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Today Isla slept in until 7am which is pretty awesome considering she went to bed at 5:30pm last night.  Usually she's up at 6am, so this extra hour is cause for celebration on the rare mornings it occurs.  I hear her wimper, check my watch and when I see that it's 7,  I gasp, nudge Scott (who is sleeping soundly, mind you) and exclaim: "Honey!! She slept until seven! Seven!! Yes!!" I go get her smiling face out of bed and bring her into bed with us which means mega play time for her and gobs of baby slobber for our faces.

After breakfast we took a walk to a local park along one of the bazillion canals down here.  When we first arrived we thought all these man-made canals were a little bizarre, but now we love them and all the waterfront property they provide.  Isla enjoyed watching the boats go by and Scott is just dying for her to say "boat" or anything that resembles it.  So far, we're at "mama", "dada", "gaga" (the current fave), "baba" and "nana" (which we're guessing means "no" because she usually says it repeatedly in moments of angst).  After the park, we stopped off at the local Sunday Farmer's Market, got some fixings for lunch and dinner, and sauntered down Las Olas Boulevard basking in the mid-morning sun with our coffees.  Not too shabby.

We've got a final push of projects and boat work commencing tomorrow (the sails are coming off to be cleaned and looked over, our davits will be test-mounted, the solar panel installation will be finalized as well as a few other things) but for now, we're just soaking up this little bit of time we have left all together.  Scott leaves Wednesday for two months of work and then it's crazy holiday time for Isla and me.  We're heading up to Chicago to see family and friends for two weeks, then down to the gulf side of Florida for Christmas and New Years, and by the time we return to the boat, Scott will be back.  Hopefully it goes by fast because this little girl loves her daddy and we'll miss him terribly while he's away!


Tom~Tom said...

I wish I could sleep like that.

Mike M. said...

Isn't it great, experiencing little ones growing and learning. I remember my oldest son's first words...'didee' (daddy) finally happened, but not before being trumped by hat, ball and truck. Haha.


Laura and Hans said...

First of all, the boat looks great! And I'll never forget one of my son's (he's nearly 30) first words. Honest to God he dropped the F bomb in front of my MIL (one of his toys fell off his high chair tray). Needless to say she was furious. I learned to clean up my language very quickly after that.

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