Friday, December 07, 2012

Anchor Locker Evolution

There was far too much chain in this anchor locker compartment, plust the compartment was not well constructed.
After two full days of work by two day laborers from Yacht Carpentry Services, our boat has a new anchor locker!  I blogged about my plans for the new locker and, luckily, I was able to orchestrate and oversee those plans rather quickly.  I told these guys what I wanted and they made it happen.  I was a tad bit nervous it wouldn't all fit, but it did and I think this is going to work very well for us!  The glass at the bottom of the locker tapers to the port side where the drain hole is and I poured about a half gallon of water down there and it drained perfectly, no soggy bottom at all!  We'll keep you posted how our new locker works in practice, but either way, this is DEFINITELY better than it was before.
V-berth sealed off, and compartment removed.  First they had to grind down to the fiberglass so that they could attached the new "wall".  Fiberglass powder is very fine and gets EVERYWHERE and is toxic to breath. Hence the wrapping.
Looking down into anchor locker, bottom all ground down and the fiberglass wall is glassed in.
Picture of new fiberglass wall from the v-berth. Note the fine glas powder.  Use a mask when grinding this stuff! It's nasty!
Once the fiberglass cured, a 1/2" hole was drilled in the very bottom port side corner of the anchor locker (and tested).  Then the entire locker got painted with epoxy, including the inside of the drain hole (to seal it). 
Looking down into the new anchor locker.  You can see the drain hole on the lower left corner if you look closely.  The wall prevents any water intrusion from going into the bilge, but enough room for us to access the chain and/or windlass if we need to.
We loaded the new chain into the locker...
New chain at the bottom of the anchor locker...
The drain hole covered by a "midget vent" (some call it a clam shell)
All buttoned up!

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