Monday, February 25, 2013

Getting Into Our Groove

We're getting into our groove over here. Internet is more or less non-existent at the moment and when we do have internet, it's only through our Bahamian blackberry. That's just as well though, because we've been busy simply soaking in all this goodness around us and kicking back island-style. It feels SO good to be back cruising again and having Isla with us is icing on the cake. Cruising with a baby, for us at least, makes this experience even more enjoyable than before. Not only is she so much fun to have around, we have been given the gift of seeing the world through her eyes and - wow - it's like putting on technicolor glasses.

We are currently in Shroud Cay, an old favorite from last time around, and it's proven to have maintained it's magic while we've been away. This place is best appreciated from the seat of a kayak so yesterday we packed ourselves into ours and spent the afternoon exploring the wandering creeks that wind deep into the key. No motorized dinghies are allowed up these creeks and being one of only three boats here, we had this natural maze to ourselves. It was heaven to quietly glide along the flat water, so peaceful and beautiful. We paddled along the shallow canals, flanked by low lying tropical foliage and mangroves; spotting birds, fish, even a couple of small sharks below us. We are currently in The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park and these creeks are breeding grounds for all sorts of bird and marine life. A paddle into the interior is sure to produce sightings of all kinds if you pay close attention and keep your senses keen. After a while, we beached the kayak on one of the shallow flats which was surrounded by a natural baby pool and let Isla splash around in the warm water (her first time in the salty ocean) before we turned around and headed home.

Since we've been here, we've also been lucky enough to meet up with some blog followers, one of whom happens to be a professional photographer, who did a family photo shoot for us on one of the beaches here. The pictures are absolutely incredible and, once we get some internet, I will upload a few and tell you a little more about our new friends.

So, while you might not hear from us every day right now, rest assured we've loving life and gathering fodder for some great future blogs which we'll share with you once we get some decent internet, in the meantime, we'll just keep on keeping on and update you when we can.

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1 comment:

Lisa Hanneman said...

Isla is a lucky little girl. I can't even imagine how mind blowing all of this must be for her little brain.

In other news, I seriously miss you a ton.


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