Saturday, March 30, 2013

Falling into Routine

There's a quote that says something about how routine is "lethal". And while I can understand how doing the same thing day in and day out can be a bit... stifling, there is beauty in routine as well.   At least that's how I see it.

Here in Georgetown, for example, our days have become somewhat predictable.  We've joined forces with a couple other lovely families and it is so nice to be among fellow boaters with kiddos.   We love spending time with them so much, in fact, that at least a part (and sometimes most) of just about every day is dedicated to hanging out with them.  Among us there are five children, all girls between the ages of one and five, and each day we meet on the beach.  It's an international play group and once we're all there we're usually joined by two to four other children as well.  At any given time you might hear three or four languages being spoken and squeals of delight echo from the beach as the older kids run free.  I cannot help but think all this exposure to new cultures, people, and languages is incredible for the growing brain of our baby.

There is one sweet Belgian/French girl, Zoe, who has come over and "played" with us the past couple days.  Despite our language barrier she lights up when she sees us coming, waits patiently for me to set up our little area, and then proceeds to scoop Isla up and whisk her off to play.  She carries her all over the beach on her hip and clearly adores babies.  It is the sweetest thing to see. Isla simply loves her nine-year-old baby sitter, and the feeling is very obviously reciprocated.  It really is so true, children are the world's greatest ambassadors.

Routine might be lethal for some, but it's a welcome change for us.  When life is anything but predictable, sometimes a little "lather, rinse, repeat" is exactly the change you were looking for.


Mike B. said...

The last couple posts and all I can think is that Isla is one lucky girl. Must be amazing to grow up experiencing things other kids will only read about in text books.

Steve Crompton said...

Wow! What I wouldn't give to be spending my winter somewhere so amazing :)

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