Saturday, March 16, 2013

Low Tide

It's official, Black Point is probably my most favorite town in the Exumas.  I sincerely love this place and after being here for eight days, I'm sad to leave today (remember, I get attached).  We've made friends here.  We can walk down the street and say hi to people by name.  Isla has thoroughly enjoyed playing with the local kids and the local kids love her toys and snacks.   We've had a blast exploring by foot, walking along the remote windward beaches, discovering blowholes and footpaths.  Alas, we're aquatic nomads now and growing roots is not on the agenda so we must move on to some place new.  We'll be back though, of that I am certain.

One natural feature that makes this place interesting is the fact that the tides effect the landscape so drastically here in the anchorage.  At low tide, what is usually just a normal strip of beach becomes an incredibly huge and vast stretch of beach.  If you bring your dinghy ashore a the highest of high tide, and return at the lowest of will have to drag your dinghy a VERY long way to get back to deep water.  I love low tide.  There is so much exploring to do when the water recedes and lets you take a peek at what is hiding below it.  Every tide pool is a potential spot to find a little treasure and a leisurely barefoot walk during low tide always produces some cool discoveries.  Shells, crabs, sand patterns and all sorts of interesting things lay in wait for the water to return, or for you to discover them first.

"Life is a tide; float on it. Go down with it and go up with it, but be detached. Then it is not difficult". 
- Prem Rawat


zinger said...

thanks for the posts and picks, it is predicted to be -15 below zero here in Northern MN by wed! nice lookin' flats, see and tailin' bonefish on your hikes??

Anonymous said...

Great pics, reminds me of Cape Cod Bay.

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