Saturday, March 09, 2013

Pirate Beach

In Staniel Cay there is a special little place called "Pirate Beach".  It's just a small spit of a beach that some thoughtful cruisers turned into a communal gathering spot for others passing through.  There's a couple grills, a fire pit, a picnic bench, tiki torches, a set of bags, a small tailgate tent and some modest decor that, rumor has it, some cruisers set up on their way down the Exumas, and clean up on their way back - all for the enjoyment of people like us.  Pretty neat.

Our new friends, Stacy and Nick, were going over for sundowner cocktails with some friends and they invited us along as well.  I had met Stacy virtually months and months ago, but our paths never crossed until now.  Their adorable son, Ethan, was a huge hit with Isla earlier that day and being that we're never ones to pass up a bonfire, we obliged and invited fellow cruisers Brian, Stephanie and Mark along as well.  Aside from the pretty ruthless noseeums, it was a lovely, chilled-out evening with good company.

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