Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tea Time

There are many customs that I have discovered abroad that I absolutely love; the siesta from the Spanish, marathon dinners from the Italians, properly greeting your elders from the Tanzanians... to name just a few.  One custom that holds a particularly special place in my heart, however, is "tea time" from the British.

Being that my mom is off-the-boat British, I grew up drinking tea.  I'd come home from school, belly up to the kitchen island and when most American moms would serve up cookies and milk, my mom served up fully-caffeinated tea with milk and sugar.  I'd invite my friends over and when I asked them if they'd like some tea, their perplexed faces said it all:  Tea?!  Uh, can we just have a cookie?? I thought all moms served their kids tea after school.  Not so much.  I still love tea, but it's even more enjoyable these days since I have found my favorite tea time biscuits here in the Bahamas.  Every proper tea drinker knows that no afternoon tea is complete without biscuits.  These "Digestives" instantly bring me back to the kitchen cupboard of my Grandparent's old house in Blackpool, England. Tea tastes better while nibbling on one of these, no joke.

3pm is now "tea time" aboard our boat and aside from being an enjoyable little break (and a nice excuse for a little afternoon snack) it also serves a purpose...  You see, when you have a toddling baby who's "morning time" is 6:30 am,  that little jolt of caffeine is just what the doctor ordered to tackle the latter half of the day.


Mike G said...

Hey, I've heard a few tales about Blackpool. It's noted for fresh air and fun!

JP said...

Tea is better than coffee when on the watch system (for me at least) when I want something warming that won't stop me sleeping when off-watch.

Of course I'm a Brit so a strong breakfast tea is the first choice pretty much at any time.

Full disclosure: I have a hot cuppa to hand right now.

Von said...

Love you blog. I work with Julie here in Michigan. Thanks for the daily sunshine!
Are Digestives anything like Butter Keks from Germany, they are divine with tea as well.

Florencia P said...

Growing up in Argentina, drinking tea every day at 4pm, it was a tragedy when I moved to the U.S. for college and had scheduled dinner at 5:30pm!

Yorkshire Gold for me with plenty of milk and sugar. But with Marias (spanish cookies)!

Drink up!

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