Monday, May 20, 2013

Argh & Argh

That's "rest and relaxation" in old time pirate speak, in case you didn't know....we're in the BVI's, after all.

The past few days have been a whirlwind of good times soaked in fun, sun and rum.  In fact, we've unwittingly treated this recent landfall as something of a vacation; enjoying a couple nights in a full-service marina, indulging in meals out, and effortlessly falling right into step with the charter set by drinking too many painkillers and staying out way past our (9pm) bedtime.  It's been fun but - unfortunately - it can't be our reality for much longer or else we'll break the bank and pickle our livers.  Our wonderful crew mates left us this morning (we miss you AJ and Brian!) and while it's bitter-sweet, this "vacation" has ended and we are slowly getting back to normal.  The boat has been scrubbed from top to bottom, laundry has been done and we're transitioning the boat back to "cruising mode" from "passage-making mode".

It's easy to forget that we still have six hundred or so nautical miles to sail before we get to our end destination of Grenada.  Despite the fact that hurricane season technically begins June 1st we plan to arrive by mid July when Scott must report back to work.  That means we have about six weeks to (cautiously) enjoy island hopping down the windwards and leewards as we chip off the miles southbound.  The weather will be keeping us in the BVI's for at least another five days, however, so we're going to relax and enjoy it.  We're all a little exhausted from the rigors of the past couple of weeks and now's the time to settle back into our groove and chill out while we enjoy one of the best sailing playgrounds on the planet.

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