Tuesday, July 09, 2013

All Good in the 'Hood

Just a short update to tell you all we are hunky-dory over here, if not a little wet.  Tropical Storm Chantal will be passing well to our North over the next few hours and we should see nothing more than a few wind gusts and a ton of rain which is a good thing because this salty boat needed a rinse.  Even still, we spent much of yesterday prepping her for worse.  We cleared the decks of clutter, secured our jib and stays'l sheets and set two anchors - our primary Rocna and our awesome secondary 65lb Mantus anchor.  I am going to write more about it in a future post - but the Mantus is a beast and set immediately in the tricky, rocky bottom of Admiralty Bay, Bequia.  We are impressed.  Very impressed.

Today we'll spend the day in the boat - which is a challenge when you can't go on deck (due to rain) - we'll read, play, and I think I might even bake a loaf of bread (but that might be ambitious)...Thank you so much for all your well wishes, thoughts and prayers, we really appreciate them.  Keep 'em going for all the other folks, seafarer and landlubber alike, who are in Chantal's path.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you got just enough South to avoid the brunt of the storm. Glad you were able to avoid it. Did you make the bread?

Windtraveler said...

Nah. We went to town and bought a baguette instead ;)
Thank you!

horizonstar said...

Beware of the rum punches at the Green Bole!

Unknown said...

Mantus Anchors are unbelievable. I love the one-on-one videos they have on their website. That's the primary anchor on our boat. Rocna's for some reason reached cult status in the cruiser community, and don't get me wrong they made a nice anchor, but the Mantus is the underdog that just WOWs you. Too "bad" the Mantus breaks down so easily for stowage on passages, makes it more likely to be the "secondary" anchor.

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