Saturday, July 27, 2013

Our "Den of Sloth" and How Heat Breeds Laziness

It's 8:00 am and already the heat is emanating around us like a fog.

I am sweating, Isla is sweating, Chelsea is sweating.  I am fully horizontal, sprawled out on the settee, a fan angled down toward me, my hands draped over my head like a drama queen.  Isla runs around playing with toys - seemingly oblivious to the fact that her entire body is damp with sweat and perspiration dots her temples.  Chelsea, bless her cotton socks, is doing the morning's dishes (she has more motivation than I, thankfully).  The days are literally melting together, and laziness abounds... I just cannot seem to find the energy to do the things I want to do like: wash the deck, clean the fridge, re-organize some storage lockers, make a turkey sandwich, brush my teeth... all of these things seem momentous tasks in this heat.   So nothing gets done.  As if the fact that my personal hygiene is going by the wayside doesn't illustrate my laziness enough, our propane solenoid got fried three days ago and despite having a new one in my possession and the ability to swap it out, we remain without the means to cook food on our boat.  This is complimenting my laziness quite nicely, actually.  We are forced to "eat out" or make meals from pairings like cheese and crackers.  Even eating, quite frankly, seems a chore these days.  I don't know what's gotten into me.   I'm exhausted, moody, irritable and - in general - feel disgusting.  This morning my sister and I had this conversation:
Me: I can't believe I'm so lazy. This boat has become the "den of sloth"...
Chelsea: It's okay.  You have every right to be lazy sometimes.
Me: No, it's not okay. I hate it.
Chelsea: It's summer and I just read an article on how people are totally unmotivated in the summer. And here? It's like summer times ten.
And she is exactly right.  It is sickeningly hot and before you say it, yes, *sometimes* I'd rather be somewhere up north in a house in the suburbs with a cranked up A/C and a freezer full of popsicles at my disposal rather than sweating my sanity and dignity away here.


Anonymous said...

Nice place to be this time of the year! Honestly not trying to rub it in. Maybe next year.

Neophyte Cruiser said...

That's one of the reasons we've become part-time cruisers. While the lack of crowds (and there aren't many during the season, anyway) during summer sailing in Mexico is appealing, the extreme heat and intermittent threat of hurricanes, makes spending the summer along the California coast more appealing. Presumably, if you hang in there you should become somewhat acclimated.

Mark and Cindy said...

Wouldn't a few days of AC help the summer blues? Oh, don't let me tempt you to sin but just imagine how nice it would feel with cold air blowing on your face. Wait. Stop. Close your eyes. Really - just image it for a second. Just do it once or twice. No one will know. It can be your little secret.

Ooooh - cold air - remember how good that feels.

Com' on. Just a little bit.

It's soooo hot now - hot like in hell - cold air - oooo so gooood.

Evil evil evil Mark

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Looks to me like you're way overdressed, Brittany!! Break out the bikini, and at least then the sweat has a chance to cool you down when it evaporates on your body!! If you don't like laying on your beautiful re-done settee because they're leather and might cause more sweating , you can always put a towel on it . . . like at the beach!!! EVAPORATION, natures way to cool you down . . . or, if you don't want to wear your bikini, maybe you have a lightweight caftan or mummu, and you can go" commando" underneath . . . still allowing the air to circulate. What you have on even LOOKS warm!! Also, since Isla seems to have some energy reserve, you could teach her to "fan" you . . . have Chelsea do it first, so Isla can see how it's done . . . she'll want to "try it" . . . and YOU are the one who will benefit from the effort of both of them!!!! I'll be anxious to hear if any of this works!!! Love and Hugs to you all!! Carol <3

Anonymous said...

Many cruisers I know sail north to New England for the summer... Is there a reason you guys stay down south? With the inherent mobility of a sailboat, why torture yourselves?

Anonymous said...

Turns out, my body really prefers the sun drenched skies and the humid, moisture-rich air of the Caribbean....
5 Nov 2011

Sound familiar?

Laura and Hans said...

I so remember how awful I felt upon arriving here in Florida (in August!!) a couple of years ago when I served crackers and cheese for dinner because it was too damn hot to serve anything else. But, then, I was '50 something'! Are you sure you're not expecting?
(I hope you know that was meant in fun!)
Let the boat work go, you'll have an overcast day soon enough to take care of it.

Ken said...

Brittany, are you allowed to post such a sexy photo? Good on you!

Windtraveler said...

@Anonymous: We have no interest in heading all that way north for just a summer, then coming ALL this way south again...we plan to explore this part of the world for a while.
@Anonymous: Wow. You can quote my blog. I'm impressed!! Yes, my skin DOES prefer the humidity of the caribbean (if you recall, the post was in regards to my dry skin). Right now, it's so damn hot because we are in a MARINA with no breeze. As soon as we can get out of here, life will be better. But wow. You must have really looked for that one. Do you need a hobby?
@Hinton - wow, that's a sexy photo?? Um...okay. Thanks...I guess? ;)

Naima said...

Hi Guys!
I tried sending you this in an email, but it didn't allow me to, so I just decided to post it.
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I wanted to reach out and ask if you wouldn't mind please sharing their campaign with your blog followers. From one sailing family to another, I think you all will truly resonate with their journey. Please check out the link below. Thank you so very much!

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