Sunday, August 25, 2013

Baby's First Hash

Things have been slow around here, I know.  Lack of activity on the blog however does not mean lack of activity in fact, quite often it's the opposite.  We've been busy, working on ways to enjoy the outdoors without completely melting and/or going insane, all to get Isla off the boat.  It's amazing the impetus kids are to get out and do something interesting for their sakes.  If it was just me, I would happily waste away these excruciatingly hot months in the belly of our (air conditioned) boat surrounded by books and popping my head out of the companionway now and then to take a breath of fresh air and accept gifts of food.  Alas, we have a little one whose brain is growing exponentially before our very eyes and we want to keep feeding it.  So out we go...

Yesterday, we took Isla on her first "hash".  Scott and I have participated in these "hashes" before.  In it's most basic form, a hash is a hike (or run for the insane/extremely ambitious) through barely-marked trails in the countryside.  Typically these "hashes" are enjoyed with throngs of people and the treks always include copious amounts of beer drinking afterwards (for those so inclined).  If you've never done a hash - they are definitely worth experiencing for not only is it a great way to get exercise (yesterday's walk was about two hours and included some of the steepest hills we've ever walked!) but it's an even better way to get to see a place.  The hikes usually have a few different options (one for the hard-core runner types and one for the "namby-pamby" walkers - we are the latter) and are almost always "off the beaten path" offering spectacular views that you'd be hard-pressed to see any other way.

Unfortunately, we had to duck out of this hash a bit early because little Isla needed to eat dinner and get to bed before 7pm (this was a LONG one clocking in around 7 miles and baby sleep is sacred!).  We were lucky that this route took us to a main road (not always the case with hashing) where we could hop on the #1 bus back to our marina to get showered up and fed.  It was a great way to kill an afternoon, see some new places and meet some really great people.  Not to mention the fact that Isla's brain grew approximately 3%* during the afternoon activity, deducting - of course - what she sweated out in the extreme heat.

*I have no scientific basis for this whatsoever.

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