Thursday, August 08, 2013

Grandma in Grenada

Grandmas.  What can I say about them that hasn't been already said?  My mom has been here for the past five days and will be staying with Isla and me until Scott returns next Wednesday.  Having her here has been awesome.  Not only does she help out tremendously around the boat, she has very quickly become one of Isla's favorite people; playing peek-a-boo with her, teaching her new games, taking her on walks and having little chats with her in her sing-song British accent.  Yes, despite living in the US of A approximately 45 years longer than she ever lived in England, she still sounds like she's off the boat, which confounds many.  As if that wasn't enough, my aversion to any kitchen duty was genetically passed on through her, so she has been regularly treating us to dinners out and is just as content with a meal of cheese and crackers as I am.  Like mother, like daughter I suppose.  Sorry, Isla, looks like you are next in line (shrug)...could be worse.

Anyway, we've been busy having fun and spending time together.  Her visit also happens to coincide with pretty much the biggest party in the Caribbean so that's an added bonus.  Grenada Carnival kicks off today and will continue into next week.  We'll be on the sidelines for a few of the parades and events, so we'll let you know how it is.  Port Louis Marina, where we currently are, happens to be the epicenter of the activity so we'll be in the trenches for some of it but not all of it.  I told you that cruising with a baby means making some sacrifices, so we will be checking into a hotel for Sunday and Monday nights to avoid inadvertently staying up all night with everyone else.  This was Scott's anniversary present to me.  "Trust me" he said, "You are NOT going to want to be at the marina for the all-night parties - you will not even believe how loud the music is".  As much as I'd love to douse myself in motor oil and chains and dance in the streets from the wee hours of morning until sunrise for J'Ouvert, I have learned never to underestimate a good night's sleep - so to the hotel we will go.

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