Thursday, August 01, 2013

Lazy Days and a Harrowing Reminder

Isla, decked out for the beach
Since we decided to turn on our air conditioning, we have become hermits of sorts.  Honestly, if it wasn't for Isla, I doubt I'd leave the boat for much more than a shower and some food.  Thankfully, her happy, excited little face cannot be cooped up in a boat all day so I take her on walks to the beach, outings to the mall, and afternoon swims in the pool.  She's turning into quite the little fish lately and it's pretty awesome to see her become more and more fearless with each passing day.  She is now at the point where she'll jump in and fully submerge without screaming bloody murder.  A month ago, I couldn't even wash her hair without primal wails of protest.  It's incredible how fast they learn.  Just this morning, in fact, Scott taught Isla how to scratch our backs.  We consider this a milestone.

Anyway, there's nothing much to report other than the fact that the millions of projects we had such high hopes for accomplishing here remain undone.  No varnishing.  No polishing.  No replacing the halyards.  No cleaning out our heat exchangers and changing our generator oil.  The untouched list goes on.  Since we're plugged into shore power and not moving for a little while the impetus just isn't there.  Not to mention Scott is working so his time for our boat work is practically nothing.  We'll get it all done...eventually.  We plan to haul the boat out in a month or so when we go back to the states for a visit, so we'll get our butts into "work mode" then.  In the meantime, we just keep adding to the list while we do menial chores from inside our nice, cool, 85° boat.

In totally unrelated news (and because I have nothing really interesting to say at the moment), my bloggy friend Holli wrote a very poignant piece on some friends of hers who recently abandoned their boat off the coast of Spain.  Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but it is always good to be reminded that no one - no matter how much experience, how strong your boat, or how well prepared you are - no one is immune to the powers of the ocean.  It pays to be humble and always remember that.  I wish the crew of s/v Serena all the best in getting their life back as they recover from what must have been a devastating loss.

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