Saturday, August 03, 2013

When a Normal Day Becomes Awesome

Yesterday began like every other day.  I am something of a "creature of habit" and when Isla and I are on our own, we tend to fall into a little routine.  Wake up, play time, breakfast, beach time, nap time, outing time, lunch time, nap time and then pool time.  Yesterday was following this little trajectory nicely except on our way to the pool we saw a dinghy approaching and...wait a minute...could it be?  Was it?  Yes!! It was our beloved second family from s/v YOLO arriving to the marina to come looking for us! We screamed, the kids screamed and the reunion was awesome.  Stormer was running around calling out "Lala! Lala!" and Isla was all smiles and shrieks of joy with lots of hand-clapping.  We all gathered on Asante, sharing stories and drinks while the kids ran around the boat, spontaneously hugging and kissing one another, playing "chase" and screaming "yaaaaaaaaay!!" at the top of their lungs.  Pretty much the most adorable reunion ever if you ask me.  I've mentioned before that cruising friends like these don't come in spades, and this family is one that we have bonded with like no other.  We love them to pieces and the fact that we are all back together makes us all sorts of happy.

And just like that, the cutest couple in the Caribbean has been reunited.

(Excuse the blurry photos, capturing overly excited babies in picture perfect moments is not very easy - but I think you'll get the gist!)


Reg Bates said...

LOve it just love it !!! I'm verklempt. Hugs to all from Uncle reggie !!

RC inskeep said...

Yay!!! These two are so stinkin' can you stand it?!

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