Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cracking Open Coconuts: A Surefire Way for Men to Go Native

Want to see your husband turn into a veritable cave man?  Have him get a coconut out of a tree and then crack it open.  With his bare hands.  If you want to see even more grunting, muscle flexing and brute Neanderthal fervor - make it a competition between two men.  What ensues will be hilarious.

It started innocently enough, Scott and Luuck began by throwing rocks and smaller coconuts at the large ones high up in the trees in an attempt to get them down (this, mind you, is not easy).  Once both of them had fresh coconuts in their possession, what followed was a very rapid regression to their most animal instincts:  must. open. coconut. first.  They had no tools at their disposal, only their bare hands and some ground rocks.  No words were uttered and no bets were wagered, this was simply a show of brute force, and a hilarious one at that.

You should know that opening a coconut is a lot harder than it looks.  They have a semi-hard outer shell, followed by a straw-like middle core, and inside that is the brown "nut" which is rock-solid and houses the white, moist and crunchy coconut meat that so many of us are familiar with.  Using a machete or hammer, these babies are pretty easy to open.  With bare hands it becomes a different beast entirely.

They each clamored to their own respective rocks which were used to pound their coconuts on in an attempt to crack them (again, not easy).  There was no shortage of grunting, growling and heckling back and forth, but finally it was Luuck who emerged victorious.  His rock had a strategically advantageous point on which the coconut was easier to demolish.  But really we all won, because not only did we learn that we could survive on a deserted island (as long as there were coconuts) we got a delicious snack that afternoon.  And got to witness two men revert to barbarians, which was the cherry on top of course.

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Kim, s/v LAHO said...

haha, this is great! Looks like they had fun with the friendly little competition. :)

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