Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Past Few Days in Paradise: Photo Bomb

The past few days found us back in Chatham Harbor.  We just can't get enough of that place and it has quickly become our "one particular harbor" as of late.  Partly because it's so darn beautiful and partly because we had it all to ourselves more or less (it's still hurricane season in these parts and there aren't a lot of boats cruising about).  We've been enjoying the peace, quiet and solitude of this sleepy little anchorage.

The weather, for the most part, has been on our side.  Every day we seem to get a few rain squalls but the sun always seems to stave off the clouds for the bulk of the day.  Winds have picked up a bit and there is a little disturbance off the coast of Africa that has us watching forecasts closely, but aside from that - life is good.  At the moment we are back at Clifton Harbor here in Union Island where we will replenish our provisions and sail off to uninhabited Petit St. Vincent later this afternoon after the babies nap and we all stock up.

I already gave you a run down of a typical day, but here's some photos to illustrate the fun we've been having here in the Grenadines the past couple days, hope you enjoy.
Paddleboard and Kayak races were a highlight
We smoked Luuck and Darcy - even with the extra baby cargo ;)
Spearfishing and trolling from the dinghy to catch dinner is a daily occurrence.  Sometimes successful, sometimes not.
I am here to tell you that from now on, the seafood of choice around here is squid.  Calamari is DELICIOUS (and so easy to clean/prepare!)
Isla's new party trick these days: planking.
As you can tell by our shoe selection, we are not "serious" hikers.  But we like to get out and about!
Made it to the top (of something) 
She cannot get enough of this.  It appears we have a little adrenaline junky on our hands.
Dads and babies on a walk. 
Little miss Independent likes to hike all by herself.  Even on these steep inclines.
A local bar we spent some time at.  I will never get sick of these little rum shacks.  Love them.
The posse.
Kids happily entertain themselves while the parents enjoy the local brew.
Isla LOVES playing in the sand.  She actually prefers rolling around in it which means our aft deck resembles a sand pit.

A special birthday dinner for Luuck!  Lobster, conch, and barracuda!! It was DELISH!
Sunset at chatham.  Our boats were hidden by the point.
Isla has become a real gem underway, totally loves it. 
And she always comes and lays on me and I sing to her.  By the third or fourth song, she is fast asleep.  I love it.
PS.  Many of you have asked if our friends on s/v Yolo have a blog.  Sadly, they do not.  I know, right?  Sailors without a blog?!?!  Get with it already ;)


Michelle said...

All of this looks like so much fun. Great pictures!

Unknown said...

Loove reading your posts and looking at your pictures! I came across your blog while looking for pregnant sailors, (as I am now on week 35!), and instantly fell in love with your lifestyle and Isla. ;) We are weekend warriors from Puerto Rico, and always dream of the moment we can take off and live on our sailboat too. (For now we live vicariously through you!)
For when the time comes for you guys to go to Chicago, I wanted to let you know that a few of our live-aboard friends moore or take their boats out of the water here in PR because it is cheaper (and more secure) than most islands, with the added benefit that we use US currency, have easier/cheaper access to services and equipment/parts for the boats and cheaper flights (we gave an International Airport) than most Caribbean islands.
Hope you continue blogging even when you are on land!

Unknown said...

Psv is not uninhabited !! I know !! I live in New York ! But I'm originally from the other small island next door Petite Martinique !! Lol

Unknown said...

What spearfish contraption is Scott using these days?

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