Sunday, November 10, 2013

We're In!!

The kindness of strangers is truly something to cherish in this crazy world of ours.  Luckily, we cruisers (and any wayward wanderers) seem to find it in every corner of the globe and, more often than not, we are on the receiving end of tiny acts of goodness from others on a day to day basis.  After a less than auspicious beginning, we have successfully cleared into Antigua.

Huge "thank you" to Ariane in Guadeloupe for going out of her way to act on our behalf and deal with the customs in Les Saintes to help us track down a copy of our clearance papers.  After hours and hours of internet searching, fruitless phone calls and pleading with authorities (while running on fumes, mind you), Scott decided to "change tacks" as it were and found the contact information of a boat concierge company in Les Saintes.  He was desperate after being told by customs that they had no record of our papers and when he made contact with Ariane, despite the fact that she was in no way obligated to help us, she went above and beyond and called the authorities over there to make magic happen.  After attempting to clear in at 9am, we finally received a PDF copy of our papers and our confiscated passports were returned to us just before 4pm.

After getting a solid twelve hours of sleep last night (we were so tired from the overnight sail, which certainly didn't help matters yesterday), today is a new day and we are back on track.  Ladies and gents: we are now free to roam about the country.  Thank you all for your words of encouragement and concern.  Always appreciated. x


Anonymous said...

Hey, I love this post. Its so true that the tiny acts of goodness certainly keep you going and make you SO much more appreciative of people than you maybe would be back home! Glad it was all cleared up for you! :)

Dominick said...

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