Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I've Got the Whole World in my Hands

I must admit, it feels pretty strange to be a human ticking time bomb.  I don't remember feeling this way with Isla, but this pregnancy definitely has a sense of weighted anticipation to it.  Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks, which is considered "full term" for  twins.  I carried Isla for almost 42 weeks, so babies tend to like cozying up in my womb which leads me to believe I could go another week or more, but it's anyone's guess really.  It's totally surreal arriving at this juncture and, believe it or not, I still have not actually grasped the reality that we are having twins.  Yes, even despite this gargantuan belly which is threatening to take on it's own zip code.

What I have grasped, however, is the fact that this is my last pregnancy and as such, I want to document and savor it as best I can.  I have been taking weekly photos of my growing "bump" (a gross understatement at this point) and my sister in law took lovely professional belly photos for me last week, which was really important to me.  I am soaking up this pregnancy photographically because the memory only retains so much, though it is hard to believe I will ever forget how large my belly has become, how uncomfortable I get in the evening hours and the distinct feeling of a baby head lodging itself in my pelvic area, among other things.  Ouch.

One thing I really wanted to do but hadn't gotten around to was having my pregnant belly painted.  I kept meaning to order a Belly Painting Kit but all my other projects (nesting and otherwise) took priority and I had decided against it by default due to time (or lack thereof).  So when I got an incredibly generous care package from Hoise Naturals chalk full of natural and organic pre and post natal lotions and potions for both mom and baby and it just so happened to include a belly painting kit, I figured it was time for Scott to discover his inner Van Gogh and get his paint on.

I can't say he was exactly thrilled about the prospect of painting my belly, but once he started and found that he actually had a talent for belly painting (!?!)--well--let's just say he got into it.  Like...really into it. "Okay, let's do a photo shoot now...but then I want to add a black outline."  After the outline, he'd consult globe images on the web and say, "Okay...let's add some color and contour to the land." And it went on and on.  He went so far as to use a slightly modified toothpick to add some "finer" details to the land masses.  The man is nothing if not a perfectionist.  He is, in fact, editing the GoPro film he made of the whole process as I type.  I must admit, I knew he would do a good job (that's just how he is) - but I had no idea how good!  I am thrilled with the final result and subsequent photos and I think it's so nice we have this fun little memory of this incredible moment in our lives.

Big THANK YOU to Hosie Naturals for the belly painting kit and ALL our amazing goodies!

Photo by my sister in law, Stephanie, of Bright Eye Photography
I received my belly painting kit as a gift from Hosie Naturals along with a host of other amazing products from massage oil to baby butt balm (including my personal favorite, the belly butter - so far no stretch marks!), all made with organic, non-toxic and natural ingredients. 


C Wick said...

That is so cool.! I started following you becouse of the sailing lifestyle, I have completed asa101 and 103 and now am back at work making the cash to buy a boat.
So now you know where I am in all of alot to learn.
But then reading about your lifestyle and the baby (s) has kept me on the edge of me seat.
Good luck with all the new toes and fingers on the way.!
Chris Wick

Melissa Schastok said...

I love this. xoxoxoxo mfs

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I love your sense of humor. No wonder Isla is such a happy wee girliegirl. Your tummy looks beautiful by the way. And considering you are carrying twins and you may feel loaded down. You look positively amazing and glowing with health. Can't wait for the reveal of the babies and their special names. Xocolleen charlton

Troy and Deana Jones said...

That is so cool. I love it. I will be praying for an easy delivery for you and your babies. Can't wait to see them.

heather k said...
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heather k said...

Wow, you look amazing!!! And that picture of Isla hugging your belly is precious!!! All the best for the arrival of the girls!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. So beautiful. Y'all must be snowed in or something.

Anonymous said...

The new layout looks great!


Javan said...

Is that a rogue wave off the coast of Brazil? ;O)

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