Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday to Our Isla

Today our sweet baby Isla turns two.  Can you believe it?  TWO!!  It's incredible how fast this year has flown by.   It seems like yesterday we were on the beach in the Bahamas celebrating her first.   I look at her now, especially in contrast to her itty bitty sisters and she looks so big.  So grown up.  Sometime in the past year she stopped being a baby and turned into a little girl.  I have no idea when it happened but it hit me the other day watching her play with her toys and sing to herself.  She seemed so independent, so...capable.

I absolutely love this age.  If I could bottle her up and keep her like this forever, I would be so tempted to do it.  The cuteness knows no bounds.  Her personality is in full-bloom, she's learning new things every day, talking up a storm, soaking up the world around her like a little sponge and cracking us up on a daily basis.

Isla is joy personified.  Literally. Walking, talking, giggling, cuddling, kissing and loving joy.  She is such a happy little person - I just hope and pray that we can maintain the level of happiness and self-confidence she possesses now for many more years to come.  She loves to laugh with gusto and she is a total sweetheart - so loving, gentle and kind.  What can I say?  She's awesome, and anyone who meets her agrees.  How my love continues to grow for her I have no clue (because is it possible to love her more?!) but it does.  Every day.  Amazing.

We had a little birthday party over the weekend for her.  Her best friend and cousin, Bryn, came over along with my brother and his wife - and we celebrated along with my sister, my mom and my dad.  Simple and perfect.  We decorated in a Minnie Mouse motif and daddy made her a Mickey Mouse birthday cake.  It looked pretty perfect, except when we tasted it we discovered he used vegetable oil that expired in 2009 which, in case you didn't know, makes a cake taste exactly like play-dough.  Whoopsie.  She got a few presents and upon opening each exclaimed "Oh my gosh, I don't believe it!"  Where she got that one we have no clue, but it was pretty hysterical.  We played pin the tail on the donkey, danced to her favorite CD and all in all, it was a pretty awesome second birthday.  She was stoked.

Happy birthday to the light of our lives.  Isla, you are SO loved.  You have no idea.
Turns out you cannot make your cake and eat it too (when it's made with rancid veggie oil)
Lots of laughs with this old classic! 
Isla and her cousin (and best pal) Bryn
Her new tricycle!
Sidewalk Chalk!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Isla. Where does time fly to. I remember when I first started following this awesome family with their little bit of a girlie and thinking how sweet she is. Always smiling and exploring her new world. Isla, hun you truly are blessed with a wonderful life. You don't know it yet but not everyone has lived on a boat and has a captain for a dadda and a momma who writes such amazing articles that people feel like a part of your little family. You are going to experience so much wonderful things in life. I can't wait for the terrible twos to hit. You will have momma and dadda hopping. For your birthday my wish for you is that you will always be as happy and loved and adored as you are on this day. Happy Happy Day. XoColleen Charlton

Anonymous said...


Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Thank you for sharing Isla's birthday with all HER fans!!! It looks like she's had a wonderful 2nd birthday . . . she really seems too mature to be only two!! Seeing her at Scott's elbow, or looking over his shoulder as he explains to her what he is troubleshooting (some minor problem) on Asante, or handling the tools, or the winch, . . . for crying out loud, Brittany . . . she IS capable!!!! And, it so good to see her bouncy curls again, and a couple of huge smiles in these pictures from today . . . love them!!! In a number of her recent pictures she's looked rather pensive . . . maybe she's just been thinking about, the boat, and the sand, and the beach, and the sun . . . and wondering where they all went, or if it was all just a dream!!! I know al lot of other people up north are wondering the same thing!! :-) <3 <3

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

BTW, I forgot to tell Scott what an awesome job he did on the birthday cake . . . it's amazing!! And, you can't really blame him for the outdated vegetable oil . . . how was he supposed to know?!!! :-) Guess Isla's beautiful new tricycle is going to have to stay at grandma and grandpa's house, eh?!! But, in the meantime she'll have plenty of time to have fun with it as the weather gets mild and beautiful again!!! <3

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Happy Birthday to her! She's beyond adorable!!!

Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life) said...

She is adorable and that cake is seriously impressive! Who cares how it tasted ;)
Happy birthday Isla!

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