Friday, July 18, 2014

106th Chicago to Mackinac Race

Today marks the start of the 106th annual Chicago to Mackinac race.  Well, for the cruising division anyway.  Race boats start tomorrow.  It's a little bitter-sweet for me since I will not be partaking as I have in years past.  This race is always a highlight of summer for us "pond sailors" and it was during contemplative night watches of previous Mac's where I began to dream and scheme in earnest about a life afloat, not to mention it was during the '07 race when Scott and I first met.  Alas, breast pumps have no place on race boats so I'll be sitting this one out.  Scott, lucky fellow, gets a well deserved break from this estrogen-rich household and is very much looking forward to being surrounded by only men for a few days.  Can't say I blame him although I shudder to think what that head (aka. toilet) will look like after three or four days of ten men aboard.  Blech.  No thank you.

The "plan" was for me and the girls to drive up to the island to meet them on Sunday at which point Scott and I would take the helm and cruise for a week or so in Northern Michigan.  However, after pouring over the logistics of getting three babies up to the island and where we would end up with the boat and how we would return from the trip were mind boggling, and - let's be honest - driving in an SUV with three children under three for eight-plus hours has got to be a legitimate form of torture.  So, instead, my mom and dad will sail their boat back to Chicago (or thereabouts) and Scott, the girls and I will hop aboard for a week long cruise down in the lower latitudes of the lake.  Less driving, fewer logistical hiccups. Win/win.


Today also marks my handsome hubby's 38th birthday and there is nothing that he deserves more than to enjoy a weekend of straight-up sailing (pretty much his favorite thing) sans babies.  We'll miss him so much but he has earned a break from the mayhem of twinfants and the tall task of being super dad! Scott will be racing on my father's boat with my brothers and eight others.  If you are interested in tracking their progress, feel free to do so here.  The boat's name is "Lancashire Lass".

Fair winds and following seas guys! Sail fast and have fun!
My handsome hubby in his element.
*Above photos taken by Andy Jury


Carolyn - The Boat Galley said...

Okay, you've got me following them :) Good luck and fair winds!

Kim, LAHOWIND said...

Happy Birthday Scott! :)

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