Thursday, October 22, 2015

Junior Captains: Send Your Children on an Epic Sailing Adventure

Every parent wants to do the best by their children. It is one of our (many) jobs as parents to provide our children with the tools that will give them the best shot at a successful and (more importantly) happy life. Of course these "tools" vary for all of us as we each have our own parenting styles and priorities, but I think that most parents can agree that a child who is - in one way or another - exposed to the world, definitely has a leg up in life.

Of course most of us do not have the means to take our kids to the Serengeti to see African wildlife in it's true habitat, or fly with our kids to Nepal to teach them about the roots and principals of Buddhism, or live as roving gypsies aboard a sailboat bound for a circumnavigation.  Luckily today; thanks to the internet, Skype and modern technology in general, the world is a much smaller and more accessible place. Teaching our children about other cultures, religions, and countries can now be done from the comfort of our very own homes.

Junior Captains is the brainchild of Bo and Alli, the adorable powerhouse of a couple behind Sailing B+Aand aims to "send your children on an epic sailing adventure without ever leaving home." 

How does it work? First you sign up. After ordering, you will receive instant access to Chapter 1 so your "Junior Captain" can begin the adventure. In a few days, your child will receive the "starter kit" which contains all the goodies necessary to follow the adventure. And, finally, you and your child will follow along as Bo and Alli send postcards, videos, and stories about each new destination!

Sounds pretty rad, right? Right. And it is! Check out this recent testimonial from a current "Junior Captain":

>>>Right now they are hosting a giveaway! <<<

If you are a parent who is more interested in gifting your children experiences rather than things,  this is for you.

Here are the details:

1st Prize: A real life sailing trip + a free lifetime subscription to the Junior Captains program. (We’ll take them sailing with us for a day, or pay for them to go on a daysail on a charter boat in the location of their choice if it isn’t feasible for them to sail wherever we are.) ($926 value)

2nd Prize: 1 year free subscription to the Junior Captains program + free copy of The Boat Galley Cookbook ($170 value)

3rd Prize: 3 months free subscription to the Junior Captains program + free copy of Voyaging With Kids ($61 value)

This ends Sunday Oct 25th. Prizes will be announced and awarded the following week.

Sign up today and give your child or grandchild the gift of world travel!


Bo said...

Thanks Brittany!!

Andrew S said...

Just met Scott's mom today while sub-teaching at Elk Rapids HS. She's quite the loving Mom & proud of her children's accomplishments!
Not related to above story/episode, I'm writing to encourage all who go boating in any vessel, to always have a pfd at hand & to never go out without someone else on-board who knows how to operate/navigate the boat in an emergency situation. I was recently a near-drowning victim due to my negligence on both accounts. Scott's mom has the details.
Andrew Foster

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