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Gift Ideas for Sailors, Live-Aboards and the Beachy-Chic

The holidays are upon us and already I have had a few readers with questions of what to get their loved ones. I have come up with a little list for the whole family here. Please note, these are ALL products we actively own, use, and love. I hope you find something for your special someone, or at least they might spark an idea for a special gift!

>>>>>>>For the Sailor Man<<<<<<<

Havaianas Men's Flip Flops -Scott and I both love these flip flops. These are all rubber, so they don't absorb odors or water. We've been loyal to this brand for years and while I will occasionally try another, we always come back to Havianas.

Quiksilver Straw Hat - What completes the "island look" better than anything else? A great straw hat is what! I got this one for Scott for his birthday last year and he loves it. Not so big it's obnoxious, but it keeps the sun off his face and has a chin strap to keep it from flying away. It's well made and looks great, too!

Wind Resistent Butane Lighter - I've written about this little gem before, and I stand by it. Scott has one of these and it's used very regularly from burning the ends of line to lighting birthday candles!

Peppers Polarized Sunglasses - You'll find this great brand of eyewear in many of the surf shops in these parts, and there's good reason! Polarized eyewear is a must for anyone who spends a lot of time on the water, and this is our go-to brand. They not only have great styles, but they come with a lifetime guarantee as well.

SailorBags Back Pack - I've sang this bag a lot of praise in past posts, but it's for good reason. We use ours every single day and Scott has used his as a weekend pack. Perfect for that special sailor guy who likes to pack a quick bag for a relaxing weekend on the boat.

Leatherman Multi-Tool - Our boat is busting at the seams with tools! Too many to mention, really, but this simple little tool packs quite a punch and has many tools in one. We actually have a couple of these on board and they're never far from reach.

Men's G-Shock Watch - We've gone through many brands of watches and daily wear plus saltwater plus sun doesn't seem to be a great combo for many brands. I found this brand and got Scott one to replace his old one and he loves it. Waterproof and shock proof, these watches are made to last. They also come in a ton of great colors and styles, Scott loves the gray and blue one I got him.

Bosch Compact Tough Drill/Driver Kit - Scott loves this little set and uses it for almost every "big job" on our boat.  Compact and stores nicely, but a high quality product that is built to last. We love ours.

>>>>>For the Beachy-Chic Sailor Girl<<<<<

Double High 5 Jelly Bracelets - If I am wearing jewelry it needs to be able to be worn 24/7 without getting ruined. Jelly bracelets, which were big back when I was a little girl, are kind of perfect for the island lifestyle. Waterproof, durable and stylish. These are made in Mali from recycled flip flops and the colors go with everything! I am complimented on mine all the time. Cheap, cute and supporting a good cause as well.

Neoprene Bikini Swimsuit - Apparently, this style of suit is all the rage. This brand allows you to enjoy the trend without dropping the big bucks. I have two of these suits and they are super cute on, pay attention to the reviews, though, as sizing is tricky. Order up.

Simplicity® Harem Shorts- Comfortable clothes that can do double duty on the beach and at home are what I love. These shorts are cozy enough to sleep in, but cute enough to wear out and about. They're cheap and stylish and great for going back and forth between beach and boat because the material is light and dries quickly.

Elan Genie Jumper - I found one of these on sale in a shop down here and had to have it! Now, several my beachy friends have them! Super lightweight, comfortable and very stylish - I currently own three of these and love to slip them on for an evening out. Getting a "dressed up" look in total comfort and with zero effort? That's how I like to roll!

prAna Women's Trucker Cap - Keeping the sun off my face is a big priority as my skin is starting to show the signs of sun damage! I love the mesh trucker caps these days and have several. Cute and fun and get the job done, great for lounging beach or poolside.

SailorBags Tote Bag - This bag has been my 'go-to' day purse for years. I love it. Big enough to carry my essentials as well as a few diapers and snacks for the girls, but not so big to be cumbersome, I use this bag every single day. The best feature? The zipper, which keeps the curious and prying hands of our twins out of my stuff!

Casio Baby G-Shock Watch - This is the woman's version of the men's watch I listed above and it's great. Stylish, waterproof and durable. These also come in SO many colors so whether you prefer plain or funky, there's something in their line for you.

Bronwen Jewelry - I love, love, LOVE this brand of jewelry. It's almost an obsession. I've told Scott if he ever is stumped on what to get me for my birthday or Christmas, to look no further than this site. Bronwen is not only a skilled designer, but a beautiful person and her pieces reflect that. They are made for active women and can be worn day in and day out, no problem. Her pieces are water, sun and sweat proof and perfect for the low-maintenance, outdoorsy girl who likes a little flair. I love the Toltec stacking rings, the Beleza bangle and the glass wrap bracelets. I also wear my mixed-metal Bhakti necklace and my three petal tiny charm necklace every day. I'm complimented all the times on all my Bronwen bling.

>>>>>>>For the Live-Aboard<<<<<<<

Gripsticks Bag Clips - We learned about these awesome bag clips from our good friends over at Where the Coconuts Grow. They are awesome! They come in many sizes so are great for everything from a small bag of Goldfish to a big back of tortilla ships. They offer a much better seal than traditional bag clips and take up hardly any drawer space at all. Love these things!

USB 12V Charger - We have lots of techno gadgets aboard, from iPads to Macbooks and this little device makes charging them a little easier. We have several of these aboard and they are great for those of us who like to keep our devices charged up but don't want to run our generators or inverters to do it.

Wet-It Swedish Dishcloth Set - I have written about these before, but they are a great little gift for boaters. These reusable dishcloths act like paper towels, but last much longer and are better for the environment. They don't last forever, and will need a wash here and there, but these are what we use to wipe our counters and such.

MPOWERD Luci Lux Inflatable Solar Lantern - We love the Christmas lights in our cockpit, but we have a few of these little lights as well and they are hard to beat! They take up hardly any room because they are inflatable and require zero energy because they are solar powered! Win/win! Great for creating cockpit ambiance or bringing to the beach for that evening-into-night barbecue.

Cards Against Humanity Game - This game is definitely not for the politically correct or uptight, but if you like to laugh and be inappropriate, this is your game. Whenever I have played tears of laughter ensue. It also has a small footprint and is easy to store, making a great go-to icebreaker game between cruisers.

24 oz Tervis Tumblers  - I have also written about these before, but Tervis tumblers make great gifts for cruising sailors. They keep drinks hot or cold, and are perfect for that evening BYO gathering at the beach for sunset and are pretty much spill proof when the lid is on. The 24oz cup is our preferred size because...well, the bigger the drink, the better. Don't forget to get the handle and lid (preferably in different colors so you can know who's drink is who's) as well!

Turkish Towels - Big fan of these towels. They are light enough to pack a couple in a day pack without being too bulky, absorbent enough to dry off after a dip, and are SO easy to launder. We have a set of eight of this brand of towel and we have even turned a bunch of our friends onto them as well. Great for boats or anyone that's on the go and doesn't want to be bogged down with big, bulky towels.

Kindle Paperwhite - I was so hesitant to get an e-reader because I love to read and was what you might call a "paper book snob". Now? If it's not on my Kindle, I probably won't read it. I read at least 2-3 books a month but the only time I have for reading these days is in bed late at night, the kindle makes it so easy to do this without keeping a light on (which bothers Scott). Win/win. I also have about 200 books on my Kindle and there is no way we'd be able to have that kind of library on board without it. I love the paperwhite version, it's easy on the eyes and looks just like a real book.

Canon Wireless Mobile Printer - We love our printer on board and have used it more than we ever imagined. I wrote pretty extensively about ours before, but suffice it to say, a small, mobile printer will definitely be useful on a cruising boat. From printing out customs documents to passport copies, we love ours. After four years of use and abuse, it's as good as new.

Olympus TG-4 Waterproof Digital Camera - This little camera is the one we throw in the backpack for beach outings and hikes. It takes great pictures and is tough enough to stand up to the cruising life being both shock and water proof. I've taken a bunch of underwater video and pics with ours, just be sure to give it a fresh water rinse after!

>>>>>>>For the Little Pirates<<<<<<< 
Check out my posts on products for boat babies and our favorite toys for the space conscious parent for some ideas!

I hope this list has given you some good ideas or at least got your wheels spinning. We love all of the above and hope you and yours enjoy them too!

All of the links above go to Amazon.com to make it easier for you to learn more. If you chose to buy these products through our links, you put a little extra money in our cruising kitty at no extra cost to you! Thank you!

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