We did a LOT of work on our boat before we shoved off in September 2010, and we continue to do a LOT of work to keep her up and running.  Below is what we accomplished.  So many people contributed for us to be able to tick all these items off and I cannot in words describe our gratitude to them all.  With no further ado - go ahead and check it out.  It's mind blowing, even if I do say so myself.  All of these refits were made between January and September of 2010.


1. Replace engineComplete! Rentner Marine - replaced Volvo Penta with Yanmar 50HP 4JH5E
2. Re-paint engine room - Complete!
3. Siphon out diesel, clean fuel tank thouroughly- Complete!
4. Machine and re-bedd new fuel tank cover (stainless steel instead of fiberglass) - Complete!
5. Re-insulate engine room Complete! New shiny insullation installed - we used Sound Down and have gotten a lot of compliments on it!
6. Replace Gatevalves - Complete! All gatevalves replaced with bronze seacocks
7. Replace ALL hoses - Complete!
8. Replace Steering systemComplete! Rentner Marine - Edson chain and cable (and conduit) steering. 
9.  Update/fix standing riggingComplete! Our friend, Don Massey of Chicago Marine Rigging.
10.  Replace mast winches with Harken Self-Tailing Complete!
11.  Build/Install Arch for Aft deck (to house radar, antennas, solar panel) - Complete! sourced by C&;E Marine. Built by Uncle Bob and Karol Polaczek!
12. Rewire all electric to single panel at nav station - Complete!, C&E Marine.
13. Install outlet system according to ABYC E-11 standards -Complete!  C&E Marine. Added Victron inverter/transformer, re-wired every AC outlet with marine wire and added a DC breaker panel
14. Replace GPS/Chart-plotter/Radar - CompleteSimrad chartplotter, NSE-8, 24" 4 KW radome, and AIS for the navigation center. 
15. Replace instruments (wind speed, boat speed...etc) - Complete!  Ordered and installed either B&G H3000
16.  Install SSB radio and grounding plateComplete!
17.  Re-configure battery bank and install transformer - Complete! 2 AGM batteries  6 Volt 9.7"H x 18.6"L x 6.9"W at 225 A-H each AGM; and a smaller 12 volt (80 A-H) is 9.2"H x 10.2"L x 6.6" W.
19. Water-proof the engine hatch - Complete!
20. Fix boom vang - Complete!  New rigid Garhauer boom vang.
21. Strip and re-paint the bottom (anti-fouling) - Complete!
22. ZincsComplete!
23. New sails - Complete! Replaced entire sail inventory with Doyle Sails
24. Purchase Satellite Phone for Internet/weather - Complete! Inmarsat
25.  Fix hand rails so that lines won't snag - Complete!
26.  Replace Dorade Vents with solar ones - Complete!! 4" Nicro Day/Night Plus Solar vents
27. Buy/Reinstall new propeller Complete!
28. Install new transducers for instruments - Complete!
29.  Install new engine panel at cockpitComlete!
30.  Install new instrument panel at nav station - Complete!
31.  Install new grab rails for next to the dodger - Complete!
32.  Decide on anchor chain anchors (2) - Complete! 5/16ths BBB chain, 270 ft., 55 lb Delta Anchor
33.  Reconfigure propane tank from forward locker to elsewhere - Complete! On aft arch/pushpit
34Reinforce Bimini top with leather, go over stitching - Complete!
35.  New Boom with internal reef lines - Complete! Sparcraft 
36Build medical kit - Complete!  (we bought one - Marine 3000, time is money people)
37.  Spare rigging/sail repair kit
38.  Spare engine part kit - Complete!
39New PC - getting Panasonic Toughbook equivelent - Complete!
40.  Install cockpit table - CompleteEdson table with folding leafs
41. Get rid of all furniture - Complete!  Thank you, Craigslist
42. Get life raft/Epirb - Complete! Winslow Offshore Light (6 person) and ACR Globalfix Cat 1
43Sell all clothes/shoes that will not be needed - Complete!  
44. Install new water heater - Complete!
45  Install new holding tank - configure a way to pump overboard - Complete!
46. Build fender boards for traversing through the locks - Complete!
47.  Run Jack Lines/purchase safety harnesses and tethers Complete!
48.  Purchase manual navigation tools Complete!
49.  Install solar panel on arch - Complete!
50.  Purchase & Install Sea Rail Kit for stove - Complete! 
51. Move out of apartment and onto BOAT! - COMPLETE! 

Non-Essential - but would be nice to do:

1. Install 2 self tailing winches in cockpit - currently standard, non-tailing winches.  Self tailing would be nice, but not a "must".
2. Buy/Install windlass  - Complete! Lofrans Tigres
3. Fix FM radio  - Complete! Brand new Fusion Marine Stereo for Ipod
4. Make sure we can shower in head - Not gonna happen.  We have a sun shower!
5. Fix leaky faucet in galley - Complete!
6. Replace forward hatch - or at least replace the rubber gasket and sand it clean
7. Install more DC outlets - Complete!
8.  Watermaker - Complete!  We installed a Village Tec "Little Wonder" in January '11 in Ft. Lauderdale.
9.  Fix windshield wiper - yes, we have a windshield wiper - Complete!
10.  Install at least three fans - aft cabin, main cabin, v-berth - Complete!  6 Fans mounted!
11.  Set up wifi on the boat - Complete! Have an Erikson router with a sim card slot and a cell amplifier plus wifi booster
12. Install lee boards in aft cabin - Complete!  Blue Performance lee cloths

Cosmetic (lets face it, this stuff probably won't get done before we leave):

1. Replace curtains - Complete! Wedding gift from my friend Cecelia!!
2. Sand/Varnish – Bright work -Complete!  Yes, we are nuts. Did all brightwork with HONEY TEAK
3. Carpeting cleaned - Complete!  Thanks momma!
4. Build additional teak shelving for galley/v-berth/saloon
5. Add "pieces of flair" throughout the boatJust kidding. Okay, not really.


1. Win lottery or actually run into a legit Nigerian banker scam thing


1. Remain sane
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