Friday, June 18, 2010

The Dog House

Did you know there are companies out there whose sole purpose is to provide watch dogs for places like junk yards and boat yards?

I sure didn't.  But, then again, I don't think too much about guard dogs at all.  Until I see something like this:

With no dog anywhere to be seen.

I had seen this little dog house, and figured it was for the owner's dog or the home of a former yard doggy who had crossed the "rainbow bridge".  That was until one of the guys at the yard, Bob, (who works, seemingly, every day on his beautiful wooden sailboat and is always one of the last to leave) said with a sigh as the warning alarm went off, signaling closing time;

"Well, I'd better get out of here.  Gotta be gone before the dogs show up..."
"What?  Dogs?  Show up?" I asked, confused.
"Yeah, they have a security company that drops off three dogs.  Big, mean looking ones.  One of 'em gets chained to that dog house out there, the other two roam the yard."
Roam the yard!?! What the..!?!
He continued, "...They drop them off at night, and then pick them up in the morning."


As if that wasn't enough - Sunday we realized on the drive home that we had left the yard without throwing away the leftover pizza we'd had for lunch (Boat yard tip: cleaning up after yourself is proper etiquette...yes, even in a boat yard...especially in a boat yard).  Being the good tenants we are, we called Russ at the yard to alert him to our faux pas.  He just laughed and said not to worry, that if any rodents get into the pizza, the dogs will get them...

"Oh yeah, raccoons, name it - they get 'em.  You should come here reeeal early one morning, you could have raccoons for breakfast!" he chuckled.  Charming.

Since learning this, when the "end of the day" alarm sounds at ten to six, we pack up with more haste than ever.  We don't want to run into this pup on the way out...or ever for that matter.

Hi, I'm Fido with "Attack K9" in Chicago.  I'm just "one of the team"!


Brittany, Scott & Fido


Brother kev said...

You have been extra funny lately! This one really gave me a rumbling!

Lisa Hanneman said...

Had no idea these business existed. I always thought you have to own your own attack dog... So, do they hire by the hour? Like if you have an annoying neighbor you want to keep off your lawn?

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