Thursday, July 01, 2010

What to do!?

As we bound full steam ahead towards a much needed long weekend, you might think that Scott and I are SUUUUUPER excited to work on our boat for a whole THREE days.  (If you recall, we got a TON done on our last three day weekend).  Alas - this is not the case.  While we have been working very hard towards being able to put the mighty Rasmus in water this weekend, it is just not going to happen (tear).  There is too much to do and too little time.  On top of that major disappointment- the yard is closed on Sunday (okay fiiine, it is a holiday) and to add insult to injury - Eric and the guys would like us to steer clear of the yard on Monday as well because they have a lot of work to do with the steering installation.  Too many cooks in the kitchen.  We have no choice but to oblige, which leaves us only Saturday to work on her (which, Scott informs me, will begin at 6:30 am). 

We get it, and we're happy that, despite our absence, work will be getting done - but Scott and I have spent every spare moment of every weekend working on her and to now have two whole days to fill!? This amount of unscheduled free time is just mind boggling! We are scrambling for exactly how we'll fill this when all we want to do is work on our boat... It sounds silly, but we simply cannot remember what we did all day when we didn't have a boat to pour money and man hours into!!  There's been talk of a bbq, a bike ride, hitting the beach, a picnic or maybe a sail on my dad's boat...but suddenly, the prospect of having choices has paralyzed us!  Go figure!

 I guess we'll hang out with some of the friends we've been neglecting the past few months and re-enter the land of the living who enjoy the summer not from the confines of a boat yard every weekend.  Look out Chicago - we're back!  For 48 hours at least.


Brittany & Scott


Lisa Hanneman said...

I already called MONDAY! How about we try to do a yoga class pre-BBQ/William time?

Last Paradise said...

I know all you will be thinking about is boat work, but you DO deserve (and need!) a day or 2 off to relax and enjoy one another! Enjoy and Happy 4th :)

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

I hope ya'll had a great weekend and enjoyed the time off. Ya'll deserve it!

Aimee said...

I started reading your latest post and have been reading for the last hour many of your posts from the last 2 years.
I LOVE this one since I can understand the JOY of working on a boat while some just view it as a chore.
How much do I love boat work? A few years ago, while out with friends, I was asked if there would be a second date with a guy and I responded with polite "Yes, we have plans." The conversation turned to the upcoming weekend and VERY ENTHUSIATICALLY (as in slapping the table with both hands like a small child) said "OOOO, we get to work on the boat!" In Chicago, in March, in freezing rain/sleet/snow
I canceled the second date.

While I might now be running late (I will still make work in plenty of time), reading of your adventures is always worth it!

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