Saturday, September 18, 2010

8 Days to go...!?!

We are scheduled to leave in eight days.  The fact that I just wrote "scheduled" makes me laugh because if there is anything we've learned throughout this incredible labor of love, it is that the words "schedule" and "boat" just don't seem to pair well (unlike, say, sauvignon blanc and cheese).

Our apartment is almost completely empty.  We have a few sparse pieces of furniture here and there, an Aerobed on the floor in the living room and more dust bunnies than you can shake a Swiffer at (my mom, as she cleaned, could not stop exclaiming in all her Northern British glory, "Bloody hell!  Don't you two ever dust!?".  Guess not.

Our wardrobes have also shrunk, and now consist only of "boat" clothes, meaning that tonight, when we go out to dinner with friends, I will be sporting (for the second night in a row) - reef flip flops, leggings, and a white shirt-dress (okay, it's beach cover up) topped off with a blue Patagonia R1 fitted pullover and a scarf.  This is about as "nice" as it's going to get from here on out.

The weather is also turning which I DESPISE.  Starbucks has re-introduced the annual Pumpkin Spice latte and CVS is selling candy corn like it's going out of style (I know this, because it happens to be my favorite and Scott got me some).  Again - despite the fact that I can eat candy corn like it's my job - I don't like fall.  I am a summer, sunshine, boats and beach kind of person and while changing leaves are pretty and all,  I do not like the cold (unless I am skiing).  You can have your fuzzy nubby sweaters and leather knee high boots as far as I am concerned.  This biyatch is heading to the tropics.

The countdown begins!

Brittany & Scott


Freely Living Life said...

"This biyatch is heading to the tropics."

LOL! Love it!! =0)

Only 8 more days.....

We are totally excited for the both of you!

The weather is certainly changing here too! Burr! We will be heading SOUTH soon (but not soon enough)....can't wait!

Keep us posted. Can't wait to hear all about your journey!


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Yeah, I can't believe summer's over! First day of Fall is this Wednesday. But, how can I feel bad for you when you're headed out in 8 days?! I'm jealous! =)

Lisa Hanneman said...

Don't be hating on my favorite time of year! I got all warm and fuzzy just reading about how much you hate all the great things about fall.

At least I'll have fall to comfort me as you go. Brings a chilly tear to my eye.

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