Thursday, September 16, 2010

Boom Boom Boom, let me hear you say WAY OH!

We have installed our shiny, new Sparcraft Boom and our Garhauer Boom vang!  While these two things are definitely nice to tick off our list of things to do - they need not have a dedicated blog post...UNLESS... they were installed and went on WITHOUT A HITCH.

Yes.  You read correctly.  Without. a. hitch.  Like a well rehearsed ballet, we unhooked the old boom, slid it off - brought up the new boom, slid it on and pop riveted that baby right into place*.  We didn't even have to take the mainsail off!  (Thanks to friendly fellow boater, Frank, for helping us out after we screamed at him in the parking lot - "HEY FRANK, can you come give us a hand!")

And here I am, tapping my toe, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Well, not really.  But here's the thing:  Nothing, nothing on a boat is simple and straightforward.  This is the first project of the hundred and twenty or so we have tackled that actually a) went according to plan and b) didn't lead to a litany of other projects.

This, my friends, is a bonifide Festivus Miracle in September!

And that is the reason I am blogging.

Not because replacing the boom is that interesting, but to say thank you and make a note that sometimes, all you need is one thing to go accordingly to boost morale to unprecedented levels.

It felt good. Reeeeaaal good.

Who cares if we have a 35 year old gold anodized mast and brand new silver boom anyway!?  Isn't mixing gold and silver, old and new 'in' right now?


Brittany & Scott

*Pop riveting, FYI, is #2 on my favorite things to do after mixing and applying epoxy.  When pop riveting I have a tendency to break out into modified songs like "Pop pop pop - POP RIVET" and "Pop goes the rivet and the rivet goes POP!" which I am certain Scott THOROUGHLY enjoys.

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bob the photo auditor said...

FYI, I'm glad that I've seen that shoe in person, and from here on out will consider myself the 'photo auditor' and will expect only originals;). Carry on...

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