Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Letting Go

Remember before I went to England when I mentioned how we are giving away pretty much all of our possessions? Shortly after I wrote that post,  I sat in my (previously) cozy living room on my (former) comfy couch and took stock of all the stuff that had an expiration date (or a pick-up date rather)...and I cried.  Turns out, I was kind of attached to all that stuff.

Silly, I know.  Perhaps it was because I sometimes place sentimental value on things, perhaps it was the fact that I was running on empty, leaving for England in a few hours and in the midst of utter chaos,  perhaps it was the chicken shwarma I had for lunch...OR...perhaps it was the fact that, oh, I don't know - we are moving onto our boat and saying "sayonara" to life as we know it for a few years and venturing out into the great, wide open, unknown.  And God knows there is no place for Ikea furniture and World Market trinkets there.

Whatever it was, it came out and I cried like a little girl for a solid 8 minutes or so.  Scott looked at me and had to laugh before coming over to comfort me, which in turn, made me laugh through my tears.   Here I was, free spirited, gypsy soul Brittany crying about a couch.  "This is just..." I sniffled "the last time we are going to cuddle on this couch together...forever", I sobbed.

 What can I say?  I am a material girl in a material world.  It could be worse I suppose.

Over the course of one weekend, I have become a reluctant (but willing!) minimalist.  I am sitting here in my couch-less, decor-less, picture frame-less, trinket-less, cable-less, carpet-less, white-walled, echoey apartment and you know what?  It's not that bad.

I guess sometimes the idea of letting go can be harder than actually letting go.   See ya later flat screen, take that lil' wine cabinet with you!!

Brittany & Scott


Bill said...

Yes, it's very easy to become attached to stuff, but I've found after a few days without it you don't really care about it anymore. I don't even miss my house and we have been out for two weeks already!

Remember, you can always buy more "stuff", but you can't get more time. The trade-offs you are making now by living a simpler life to go have adventures will pay tremendous dividends later on in life.

TT said...

I think one always need to let go off some things to get to the next level in life, after all, it's only "things" and what you get in return is much greater than those for sure!

Kavita said...

The beauty in all this is getting attached... enjoying it.... but the true sense of maturity is in letting go.... appreciating the value it added to your life... with all the rich experiences and memories that no one can take away!

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Yes, I'm sure I'll be a little emotional when we sell the house and everything with it. I like to think I'll be fine, and I just choose not to think about it too much... I just keep thinking about being in the tropics. Actually seeing the empty rooms makes it real (and a little scary), I'm sure.

Debra Jean said...

I am so going to have issues with this, too! I am discovering more and more as I read your blog that you and are ridiculously alike. I have gone through this same emotion when we made our first big move. From Texas to Indiana.

I was excited and ready to go, and then suddenly everything was packed up in a huge moving truck, uhaul truck and chevy tahoe (to include 3 dogs, 3 cats and two boys). As I made my last walk through the VERY. EMPTY. house, to ensure we hadn't left anything behind I was overcome with same kind of grief.

Of course, it was to a slightly lesser degree considering we had all of our "stuff" coming with us, but still. It was surreal and it was the moment that it had really hit me just how much we were leaving behind.

Clearly, we got over it. Obviously, you did as well. But I totally "get it."

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