Thursday, September 02, 2010

Awesome Person of the Week: Karol Polaczek

Some might call him a model maker, others a machinist, but not us - no, we call him an artist.

Karol is the man behind most (if not all) of our custom-machined stainless steel hardware.  The goose neck for our new boom, the cover for our fuel tank, our boom vang bracket...the list goes on.   His latest piece of art?  Our radar arch.

The radar arch is what separates the men from the boys in the cruising world.  It is the insignia of the "world cruiser" and screams "we are going to far off places!"  On it we will mount our solar panel, dinghy davits, all our antennas - and, duh, our radar. This thing is so freaking cool I danced around the dock like a little girl on Christmas morning as we did our final fitting today.

Karol is amazing.  The amount of work he has put into our boat (albeit, behind the scenes) has not gone unnoticed.  So I want to expose his brilliance and say THANKS!  He is truly a master of his craft - and we are so grateful for his efforts!

So here's to you Mr. Master of the weld and manipulator of metal; you truly are a real man of genius!

We're getting there!!

Brittany & Scott


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Nice! We can appreciate how excited ya'll must be... we can't wait to get ours!

Chels-pup said...

I love Karol!!!!! He once made me the most amazing name plate for my desk, and to this day I haven't a clue how he did it but its absolutely fantastic - a true work of art - and will follow me to many other desktops into the future. Indeed, three big cheers for Karol!

I'm so glad you have such amazing support from which to launch forward. We are a very blessed family :)

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