Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Radar Arch Cometh!

Big day.  HUGE day.  The radar arch is mounted on the boat - complete with our Simrad radar AND our solar panel!  We still have a few more support brackets to mount, but all in all - we have an arch!  Did I mention we also have AC/DC power on the boat now?!... which means we not only have working lights on the boat, but can also listen to music while we are working!  Music from our Fusion marine stereo instead of our teeny tiny battery powered iPod speakers.  Ah, the beauty of simple things that make life just a *little* better.  Between this and the fact that we have a functioning toilet - we are feeling pretty copacetic right about now.  Life is good.

And every day this feels more and more real...

Big thanks to the usual cast and crew of my dad, Uncle Bob and Walt, as well as Scott's buddy Mike and a few friendly "F" Dockers who lent us a helping hand and/or didn't have a fit when we kept the entire dock blocked for the better part of the day.



Brittany & Scott

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Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Wow! Looks great... really like the design.

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