Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gray Sky Morning

We are usually sunny day types of people, but boy oh boy did the gray overcast of yesterday morning make a beautiful backdrop for some lovely photos or what?!

Scott thinks this place would make an awesome concert hall.  I have to agree.

I mean, are you kidding me with those colors?!
How amazing is that contrast?

Brittany (& Scott)


Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful pics, you two. Thanks for sharing... I say we turn that place into a brewery, brother. We can sing to our guests when we're good and drunk too (maybe not quite the concerts you were envisioning, but it would be fun!)...

sgtyson said...

Brit, all your photos are so gorgeous but I think these are the best of all. Obviously you've a good eye, but I gotta believe your camera is also key to your photo quality. Will you share? What kind of camera do you use (... after all Christmas is coming up and I need to give AJT *some* hints ...)

Windtraveler said...

Hi Susan! I don't have any sort of fancy camera, but it does take some great shots I think! It's a Canon Power Shot SD880 IS - Digital Elph. Hugs! xo

Unknown said...

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