Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Guest from Afar!

Not only did this little bird clean our deck clear of all the little dead bugs all over the place, but he's got some serious moves!  Allow me...
He started off with a near perfect "Double Winged Whammy"
Here we have the "Toe Rail Strut"
We call this one the "Whoooaaa Nelly!" (Look at those sea legs!)
 And the always pleasing "Cabin top Shuffle"
And, finally, the "Whatchu Talking 'Bout Willis?"
What attitude!  He got tens across the board from all three of us (but we removed points when we saw how much poop he left on deck) - rounding him out at a respectable eight!

Brittany & Scott


Kevin said...

If you guys get a cat he could have killed that bird for you.

Lisa Hanneman said...

I like the toe rail strut most of all. Little guy's got quite the swagger.

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