Saturday, October 09, 2010

In De-Twa

That's French for Detriot. 

We docked the boat in the backyard of our friend Lindsay's parent's house (big thanks to the Mandevilles!) who have graciously offered their boat well to us while we are here.  We've thoroughly enjoyed visiting with Scott's family.  We've especially enjoyed seeing our adorable little nieces and new nephew - kids grow so fast!

Anyway, that's where we've been in case you were wondering.  Clocking in some much needed family time.  Tomorrow we head back home to the boat (I actually kind of miss it!) and head to Lake Erie...

Until then,

Brittany & Scott

1 comment:

Allen Tyson said...

Hey you two:- Just put Visions II, away. Booh! the weather here has been 70's sunny, winds south southwest 10-15 Kts. I'm trying to hitch a ride with friends that have their boats still in the harbor. I talked to your Dad,he and your Mom are in Oregon visiting with the Cabose.Stay well,well talk soon. H&K AJ

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