Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh, Canada.

I've been all over the world, yet I have never visited our friendly neighbor to the North...Canada.

Until today, that is.

Our new friends decided today was the day to play hooky and embark on a spontaneous adventure.  Niagara Falls is only about an hour from here so they (being the wonderful people they are) took Scott and I to see it.  Man, those falls are INTENSE.  The mist from the water rises above the falls like smoke and you can see it from miles and miles away, they are that powerful.

What is crazy is how calm the water is just before it hits the ledge and makes the 180 foot drop.  I shudder to think...

After the falls, we took the short drive to Niagara on the Lake - which is just one of the most darling little towns ever.  Beautifully maintained, quaint and full of European-style cafes and pubs (it was British occupied during the 1800's and, therefore, has a very British feel to it).  So naturally, we drank.  I never met a British Pub I didn't like.

That's a LOT of water!

It's a long way down, Tonto!
Main Street in Niagara on the Lake
Liquid lunch time!  How great is this British pub?  They serve Shepard's Pie and Fish-n-Chips!

They say this is one of the oldest Pub's around...
Fort George (across the lake)
Beautiful day.
At least there are still leaves on the trees, right?
It was a fantastic day with fantastic people.   Thanks to M and T for an all-out awesome time!  Love you guys!

Brittany (& Scott)


Philippe said...

Very prety pictures! We were there last year, same time, and the leaves color were awesome. It's one of the nice thing of the North/East coast.

Kim Kozeny said...

So beautiful- miss you and please please PLEASE keep me updated on New York next week..... wouldn't say no to a glass or two of wine with my Britty................

Allen Tyson said...

Hey you two:- Love those pic's..Just got back from Philly. Had the best cheese steaks when I was home. Stay well ,hope that trans works out. Taking sails off Vision II Friday. Love, AJ

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Isn't it beautiful over there? We went about 3 years ago and loved the falls and Niagara on the Lake. Good to "revisit" through your pictures. Looks like we went to the same pub!

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