Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tranny's are Confusing

Extra Credit:  Anyone know what is missing here?  Hint: The shortened version rhymes with "granny".
Long story short:

We heard a "clunk clunk" in our engine.

Two mechanics came aboard and were...for lack of a better word, stumped.

We found no issue with the engine, so we collectively figured it was the transmission (which we affectionately call "the tranny" for his/her ambiguous ways).

We made probably 50 phone calls back and forth between our engine mechanics, the Yanmar people, and the ZF people (ZF manufactures our tranny).

We removed the tranny and overnighted it to Florida, where it went to the 'doctor' at ZF. (Overnighting a 40lb transmission, btw, is NOT cheap.  Cha-ching!).

The 'doctor' saw nothing really wrong with it (sad face).

Scott dove the boat to check the prop and shaft zinc, found nothing amiss (sad face).

Scott removed the damper plate to see if anything was amiss, found nothing (sad face).

The tranny is now being overnighted BACK to us (Cha-ching!).

The clutches (which had some unusual wear, but nothing, ZF says that would warrant the dreaded "clunking") are being sent to Italy, to determine if the issue was a "warranty issue" or the alternative: our big, fat, fault.  Gulp.  (Determining this will take 2-3 weeks)

In addition, if Italy determines this is not a warranty issue, we are out about 1K.  This fact makes me want to throw up in my mouth. (Cha-friggin'-CHING!)

So, we are sort of back at square one.

Maybe, just maybe we'll get the new tranny back and all our engine issues will magically disappear.


Sad face.

Brittany (& Scott)


Julie Melissa said...

Visually, it's hard imagining being mad at a Tranny. But after reading this post, I loathe the tranny. Silver lining is abound.

Anonymous said...

I had a broken reduction gear on a universal md25 that made this noise. had to pull it apart to see that the housing was cracked. good luck

Chad Gleason said...

Broken down away from home, now you are really cruising. Sorry to hear about you engine trouble so early in the trip. At least it happened in the states and where there are resources available.

Did you dive on the prop before you removed the tranny (Unlikely, but something that was there might be gone now.)
Did you post on Sailnet?

Stay Warm!

Junaid said...

I guess the joke about cruising = fixing your boat in exotic places is true after all.

Anonymous said...

That is the cleanest looking engine compartment I've ever seen on a such an old boat. Bilge paint for sure. Clean as a whistle -- good luck

Windtraveler said...

@ anonymous - we did check the housing...all good.
@ Chad - true that! And you are not the first to suggest that - though it seems VERY unlikely, it could be the issue I suppose...but we did eyeball the prop from the dock and found nothing on it...plus, our prop surrounded by keel and rudder so the odds of getting something caught are slim...but yes, stranger things have happened!
@ Junaid - agreed. However I would think it be a stretch to call Buffalo,NY (especially in late October) an 'exotic place'. haha

Dan O. said...

This is starting to sound like a tale Tania Aebi might tell. ;)

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