Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shout Out to Williamsville South!

This is a big "HELLO THERE!!" to the Leadership Students at Williamsville South High School!
Is this the right helmet!?  

First of all, we applaud you all for taking action through leadership and entrepreneurialism at such young ages.  Just think - you have your WHOLE life in front of you to not only concoct dreams, but make them happen!  You may or may not realize it now - but you are in an AMAZING position in life.  The world, quite literally, is at your fingertips!  Man, if I knew what I know now when I was 17...but there I go just sounding old...

If we have one piece advice that we could give you it would be: TO DREAM.  Make GOALS that will bring you closer to your dream, and WRITE THEM DOWN.  Put your dreams and goals on paper.  There is something about the process of writing dreams out on paper that make them more tangible.  Do it.  And don't be afraid to fail.  Opportunity is borne out of go ahead and take that leap.  Live out LOUD!

In addition, there is one teeny weeny bit of advice I want to add, and that is to treat others the way you would want to be treated (not just friends, but everybody - the cool, the not cool, the 'freaks' the 'geeks' and the 'popular').  We would not be where we are today if not for the kindness of friends and strangers, and we truly believe that the world gives you back what you put into it.  It's karma.  And it's real.  Be kind to all, because you never know who will lend you a helping hand and when.  We are born with two hands, and as we get older we realize, the first is to help ourselves and the second is to help others.  Audrey Hepburn said that (or something like it) and it is so true.  What goes around, comes around kids - if you haven't learned that yet, you will. 

Okay.  Enough of that mush.  

We are looking forward to working with you guys along the way!  Keep in touch, and be suuuper nice to your teacher, Miss Anzelone.  She is so much cooler than you know!

Brittany (& Scott)


Julie Melissa said...

My favorite quote ever...

Our character is revealed by how we treat people who cannot help us or hurt us.

Allen Tyson said...

Hey you two:- Going to mentoring tonite, this is my 40 year of working with kids from the inter-city.I've worked with 15 boys & girls. I look forward to this as a life long project.Giving back really works,especially for everybody that gets involved.
I had a drive shaft get out of alignment that caused a lot of vibration?Visions II had to be hauled out to replace shaft.Hope that trans works smoothly for you guys.Stay warm, Love, AJ

Kev said...

Sweeeeet! You guys will be on the cover of PEOPLE in no time.

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